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Thunder Bay Roofing

Dominating the Local Market - A Case Study

Thunder Bay Roofing
Increase in Views
Increase in Calls, Website Visits, and Direction Requests

Client Spotlight:
A Closer Look

Thunder Bay Roofing offers roofing, siding, and gutter services for commercial and residential buildings. The owners, Nick and Steven, understand that a roof is not one size fits all, and considerations need to be made for style as well as substance. They have over 30 years of industry experience and have worked for some of the biggest names in Maryland. Their vision is to use communication and transparency to streamline and modernize the entire process from installation to transaction.


Increase in Views
Increase in Calls, Website Visits, and Direction Requests

The Objectives

Local SEO was essential for building and maintaining Thunder Bay Roofing’s Google presence within the geographical areas they service. Our goal was to improve their visibility on Google and help them expand and maintain a strong online presence.

There was no existing Google Business Profile for this company when they hired NMG. So one of the main objectives of our Local SEO team was to create one and ensure it appeared on the first page of Google Maps, by achieving a top spot in the Google Pack.

We also wanted to build citations for Thunder Bay Roofing to help improve their search visibility across Google and attract new customers.

The Strategies

Optimizing Their Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is a snapshot of your business and is often the first thing customers see when looking for a business on Google Search or Maps. A complete Google listing shows Google that you’re an active, relevant business.

Thunder Bay Roofing didn’t have an existing Google listing, so we created one for them based on the information from their website.

Once verified through Google, we added the following attributes:

  1. The services and products they offer
  2. Uploaded before and after project photos
  3. Wrote a short description of who they are and their mission statement
  4. Linked to key pages on their website
  5. Added social media links

We made monthly updates to their Google listing to uphold a positive reputation with Google, which builds credibility and enhances online visibility. Our team crafted monthly Google posts, consisting of concise paragraphs showcasing their services and project results that also included links directing users to their business website.

Given Google’s suggestion to engage with customers through the Google Listing, we actively responded to customer reviews and inquiries posted on the listing.

Thunder Bay Roofing GMB

Website Updates

A business’s website must be optimized for optimal local search results, so we integrated the Google Maps listing into the header and footer of the website. Thunder Bay Roofing’s address and service areas were also added to various pages of the site to increase their reach in these locations.

Backlink Optimization

Backlinks are essential for growing search visibility across the internet, helping you appear higher in search results. We used in-house tools designed specifically for Local SEO to optimize current backlinks and create new ones for Thunder Bay Roofing. These help us find the most relevant, top-rated search engines and directories and maintain consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) across all citations.

We also reached out to manufacturers and organizations that the contractors at this business were associated with to request backlinks from their websites.

Thunder Bay Roofing rankings
Thunder Bay Roofing insights
Thunder Bay Roofing GBP Views

The Results

Since partnering with us, Thunder Bay Roofing has secured many top positions in the Google Local Pack. They now organically rank number one on Google Maps for numerous highly searched roofing terms like “roofing services”, “roofing company”, “roofing repairs”, and several more.

Due to the increase in visibility on Google Maps and achieving number one spots in the Google Local Pack, our client achieved an average of 31% increase in calls, website visits, and direction requests compared to last year.

Thunder Bay Roofing’s views have also increased by over 100% on Google Search and Google Maps–both desktop and mobile.

Bringing Our Client’s Website Visions to Life

When it came to Thunder Bay Roofing’s website, they didn’t have one. We were able to start with a blank canvas, ensuring that their website vision came to life. Leveraging three decades of combined industry expertise, we wanted to showcase unparalleled craftsmanship and knowledge, setting new benchmarks for transparency and excellence.

User Research and Analysis

With insights derived from extensive industry experience, combined with client feedback, it became evident that customers seek a roofing service that embodies reliability, expertise, and transparency. These qualities are kept in mind when we start designing the website, ensuring that both users and the client are satisfied with how the website looks and feels.

Design Goals and Principles

Before we start designing the website, we create design goals and principles that reflect what the client is looking for, but also allow for a user-friendly creation. Some of those goals and principles included:

  • Showcasing Thunder Bay Roofing’s 30 years of collective expertise as the cornerstone of unparalleled roofing services.
  • Offering a transparent, streamlined, and modernized roofing experience rooted in extensive industry knowledge.
  • Establishing the website as a testament to the owners’ rich experience, setting Thunder Bay Roofing apart as industry leaders.

Design Concepts and Visual Elements

It’s essential to come up with the design concepts and visual elements before designing the entire website:

  • We used visual representations highlighting Thunder Bay Roofing’s expertise, featuring testimonials, case studies, and achievements accrued over the years. This allowed demonstration of their depth of industry knowledge and success stories and instilled trust and professionalism.
  • The color scheme needed to demonstrate professional and authoritative tones, such as deep grays accented with blue, conveying experience, reliability, and trustworthiness.
  • The typography includes modern and sophisticated fonts, which reflect expertise, technology,  and reliability.
  • Our imagery includes high-quality visuals showcasing completed projects, industry accolades, and the owner’s involvement in the roofing sector.

Interaction and Functionality

When it comes to how users interact with the website, we ensure that its navigation is user-friendly and allows them to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily. We also wanted to display the professionalism in the services Thunder Bay Roofing offers:

  • Engage users with an immersive timeline illustrating the evolution of roofing techniques and the pivotal contributions made by the owners over their 30 years in the industry.
  • Facilitate direct consultations with seasoned professionals through clear and accessible communication channels, ensuring personalized guidance and expert advice.
  • Offer a wealth of practical resources and tools derived from decades of expertise, empowering clients to make informed decisions backed by comprehensive industry knowledge.
Thunder Bay Roofing website
Thunder Bay Roofing website

Client’s Feedback

I started a roofing business in the summer of 2022 and I can confidently say that Shannon, Brandan, and the entire Now Media team is one of the main reasons why we are thriving going into our first full year in business. From our website build to marketing and SEO they’ve been AWESOME.

Steven Friedman

Thunder Bay Roofing

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