Theresa LaBranche

Theresa LaBranche

Front Door Medspa

How a Marketing Makeover Launched Front Door MedSpa to Success - A Case Study

Front Door MedSpa website
Increase in Organically Ranking Keywords
Increase in Impressions

Client Spotlight:
A Closer Look

As Front Door Medspa™opened its doors, it faced unprecedented challenges as the onset of the COVID-19 shutdown began. With slow economic recovery and evolving consumer behavior, the medspa faced fierce competition in the growing industry. Realizing the need for strategic rejuvenation, Dr. Zmily joined forces with Theresa LaBranche, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in medspa growth. Together, they undertook a comprehensive business analysis, leading to a transformative rebranding as Front Door Medspa™. The journey from Luxe Med Spa to Front Door Medspa™ involved a change in name, a strategic investment in cutting-edge technology, a robust online presence, and a commitment to community engagement.


Increase in Organically Ranking Keywords
Increase in Impressions

Reaching Customers in Your Area With Local SEO

Search engine optimization is a multifaceted process to improve performance, online visibility, and overall user experience. It often includes refining content, improving technical aspects for search engines, enhancing site speed, and ensuring compatibility with various devices, all to achieve better results, such as higher search engine rankings or increased user engagement. Local SEO was pivotal in aiding Front Door MedSpa by broadening its reach and drawing in a fresh wave of customers within their targeted area.

The overall goal of our Local SEO Team was to amplify their presence on Google and facilitate the continuous growth of their online visibility. We helped them achieve this through citation management, review management, and website updates.

The Objectives

The primary objective for Front Door MedSpa was to create a tailored strategic plan, guaranteeing higher search engine rankings and increased user engagement on the Google Local Pack.

To improve their visibility on local search results, we linked their Google Maps listing to their corresponding website and integrated their practice’s location name into the content pages. We ensured their NAP–name, address, phone number– was correctly displayed. We fine-tuned their Google listing and other prominent search engines to showcase the businesses accurately.

The Strategies

Updating Their Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is often the first thing customers see when looking for a business on Google Search or Maps. It stands as a snapshot of your business and having a complete Google listing showcases to Google and potential clients that you’re an active, relevant business.

Front Door MedSpa GMB

Once their Google listing was claimed and verified through Google’s Business Profile platform, we were able to make the following updates:

  1. Added the services and products they offer
  2. Uploaded pictures of patients’ results
  3. Wrote a short description of who they are and their mission statement
  4. Linked to key pages on their website
  5. Added social media links

Maintaining a good reputation with Google is essential to ranking, so to improve Front Door MedSpa’s online presence. Our team regularly managed their Google business listing. Every month, we create a Google post, which is a short paragraph that highlights their services and specials with a link to their website. Google appreciates customer interaction through their Google Listing, so our Local SEO team also responds to any customer reviews or questions left on the listing.

Backlink Optimization

Backlink optimization is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adaptation to changes in the digital landscape. It’s an integral part of a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at improving a website’s authority, relevance, and visibility in search engine results. Backlinks are crucial for local search engine optimization because search engines often view websites with high-quality and relevant backlinks as more authoritative and trustworthy. By utilizing SEO tools such as Bright Local, SE Ranking, and Synup, we optimized Front Door MedSpa’s current backlinks and created new ones for them as well.

In addition to utilizing our SEO tools, we proactively reached out to specific organizations affiliated with the professionals at this med spa, seeking backlinks from their respective websites. Our research allowed us to pinpoint relevant sites and blogs, which allowed us to effectively showcase Front Door MedSpa and its professionals across various platforms.

Front Door MedSpa rankings
Front Door MedSpa GMB insights
Front Door Graphs
Front Door MedSpa results
Front Door MedSpa results

The Results

Since becoming a client with us, we’ve helped Theresa LaBranche and Dr. Zmily achieve multiple number one spots in the Google Local Pack. Their listing also ranks organically in the top 3 positions on Google Maps for multiple medspa terms that are highly searched for. Previously, they were on the second page of results for terms like “medspas near me”, meaning they’ve increased over 10 spots since we began local SEO.

Due to the increase in visibility on Google Maps, our client achieved an average of 32.3% increase in calls, website visits, and direction requests compared to last year.

They saw a 3.61% increase in new users and an additional 1.58K increase in users.

They also saw a 45% increase in their organic traffic.

An SEO Strategy That Produced Results

When Front Door MedSpa hired Now Media Group, their online presence was low, their website needed to be redesigned, and they needed fresh content that encouraged people to schedule consultations. In September 2022, they averaged around 10 clicks per day with 100 impressions.

Our SEO Strategy

To boost the online presence of Front Door MedSpa, we implemented the following strategies:

  1. Website Design: Our design team created a cohesive design that complemented the client’s ideas, was eye-catching to users, and allowed for multimedia content.
  2. New Content: As a medspa, our client offers many services. We created content that reflected E.E.A.T by adding patient testimonials with before and after photos, incorporating specific information throughout the service pages, such as accreditations the practice has received or awards they’ve won, and exploring the ideals that set Front Door MedSpa apart from other competitors.
  3. Keyword Research: The MedSpa industry is competitive. With the multitude of services offered, we conducted keyword research when writing new content to ensure ranking in the SERPs.
  4. In-Depth Service Sections: We started creating multiple pages for each service, ensuring users can get the information they’re searching for. With three to five pages per section, we’re able to go more in-depth and link pages together, demonstrating expertise and authoritativeness.
  5. Data Analytics: We implement analytic tools to track the performance of our SEO efforts. We regularly view and analyze data to make informed decisions and refine our strategies.
  6. Adjusting to Google Core Updates: Every year, Google rolls out broad core updates that adjust the algorithm. Some changes we’ve completed include adding structured data, going more in-depth with service information, and displaying original media images/videos.


After consistently creating content for over one year and starting to add topical authority content in 2023, Front Door MedSpa hit a record high of 6,698 impressions and 134 clicks on April 29th, 2024.

By tracking specific keywords, our SEO team can monitor what strategies work best. Front Door MedSpa holds number one positions for highly searched keywords, including “medspa,” “cellulite treatment near me,” and “med spa near me,” just to name a few.

Front Door Medspa new results - April 2024
Front Door MedSpa rankings
Front Door MedSpa rankings
Front Door Medspa keywords - April 2024

In November 2022, Front Door MedSpa ranked organically for 61 keywords. As of March 2024, they now rank organically for 2,286 keywords. That’s over a 3,500% increase.

Elevating Brands With Eye-Catching Website Designs

Front Door Medspa wanted to elevate its digital presence by redesigning its website. The website design needed to offer an exclusive and luxurious interface, catering to individuals seeking premium treatments in skin health, body health, intimate health, and regenerative medicine.

User Research and Analysis

Through in-depth client consultations and market analysis, it was determined that Front Door’s clientele seeks an elevated, sophisticated experience, emphasizing premium services, exclusivity, and personalized attention. This plays a large part in how we design the website.

Design Goals and Principles

Before we design the website, we go over decided goals and principles to ensure that the design is exactly what the client has in mind:

  • Create a luxurious and attractive digital environment that perfectly captures the exclusivity and elegance of Front Door Medspa’s services.
  • Provide consumers with a curated, personalized experience that highlights upscale care and custom services.
  • Establish seamless, discreet communication channels for clientele seeking high-end experiences.
Front Door MedSpa Website Design
Front Door MedSpa Website Design

Design Concepts and Visual Elements

Next, we went over design concepts and laid out the visual elements:

  • We created beautiful visual mockups that showcase an exclusive menu layout and promote custom therapies for regenerative medicine, skin, body, and intimate health. Creating a few test mockups before designing the entire site allows us to get an idea if we’re on the right track for what the client is envisioning.
  • The color scheme has luxurious gold accents against a backdrop of deep, rich tones, exuding opulence, and sophistication.
  • The typography is elegant, with serif fonts conveying prestige and refinement.
  • Our imagery includes high-resolution visuals reflecting luxury, showcasing the serene ambiance and exceptional results of exclusive treatments.

Interaction and Functionality

When it comes to how users interact with the website, we ensure that its navigation is user-friendly and allows them to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily. We also wanted to immerse users in all that Front Door MedSpa has to offer:

  • We added treatment galleries that are immersive and spotless and highlight each category’s top performers (skin health, body health, intimate health, regenerative medicine).
  • We seamlessly integrated, discreet communication channels ensuring privacy for inquiries and consultations with specialist practitioners.
  • We showcased exclusive access to appointment scheduling, providing a tailored and confidential booking experience.

Client’s Feedback

Theresa LaBranche

“Met Now Media when I was a COO of a multi-site, multi-brand dental practice. Was so pleased, I now use them for our Med Spa and the SEO is so good- we get calls for services we don’t even advertise other than a page on the website! Now Media Group are SEO masters and have a fabulous team. Highly recommend and worth the $!”

Theresa LaBranche

Front Door Medspa

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