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Clicks That Count - PPC Case Study

Just Smile Dental
Increase in Booked Dental Appointments
Decrease in Cost Per Click
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

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Just Smile Dental is a distinguished dental clinic recognized for its commitment to delivering comprehensive oral health solutions. The dental practice offers a wide range of services. They wanted to place a strong emphasis on dental implants for their Google Ads.


Increase in Booked Dental Appointments
Decrease in Cost Per Click
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion


Just Smile Dental identified key challenges, including limited online visibility and brand awareness, along with a decline in monthly dental implant patient appointments. The goal was clear: leverage the power of Google Ads to increase brand awareness and generate increased high-ticket leads for dental implant services, which can turn into an increase in lifelong patients for their dental practice.

Campaign Objectives

We created clear objectives that aligned with Just Smile’s goals, but were also attainable:

  • Increase online visibility and brand awareness
  • Boost appointment bookings for dental implant services
  • Increase visibility for dental implant services
  • Attract new patients seeking dental implant services
  • Increase high-ticket patients by advertising for dental implants
  • Increase life-long patients by getting new dental implant patients

We executed a highly effective PPC campaign for Just Smile Dental with a focus on dental implants. The campaign surpassed expectations, resulting in increased online visibility and a surge in dental implant appointments. Just Smile Dental went from 75 patients to 250 patients monthly using our digital strategy.

Strategy and Planning

Campaign Structure

Our PPC campaign utilized Google Ads, organized into ad groups targeting dental implants. We divided each ad group into different dental implant categories that Just Smile Dental offers. Ad creatives were tailored to highlight Just Smile Dental’s expertise in addressing different dental implant needs.

Target Audience

The target audience included local residents actively searching for dental implants. Demographic and behavioral targeting ensured precise audience reach.

Just Smile PPC demographics
PPC keywords for Just Smile
Ad copy for Just Smile

Keyword Research

Comprehensive keyword research identified relevant terms related to dental implants, like full dental implants, tooth implant, dental implants for seniors, dental implants for seniors, dental implants near me, and best dental implant prices, enabling the campaign to capture high-intent searches.

Ad Copy and Creative

Engaging ad copies emphasizing dental implant services at Just Smile Dental were crafted. Continuous A/B testing (testing of ad variations) refined ad creatives for optimal performance.

Strategy Implementation

Bid Strategy

A strategic combination of manual and automated bidding strategies was employed, with regular adjustments based on performance data to maximize visibility within the specified budget.

Ad Extensions

Strategic use of ad extensions highlighting dental implant offerings to optimize the campaign to its full potential and increase visibility and user engagement, including site links, callouts, image extensions, and more.

Budget Management

A balanced budget allocation was maintained, with daily monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. We created the budget to be a competitive ad spend per practice.

PPC Just Smile Dental
Just Smile PPC
PPC campaign Just Smile

Monitoring and Optimization

Performance Metrics

Key performance metrics, such as Clicks, CPC (Cost Per Click), Conversions (Calls and Form Fill-Outs), and Cost Per Conversion were closely monitored throughout the campaign, with a specific focus on emergency appointment bookings.

A/B Testing

Multiple rounds of testing ad variations were conducted on ad copies and creatives, leading to improved click-through rates and higher conversion rates for emergency dental services.

Adjustments and Optimization

Regular analysis of campaign data allowed for strategic adjustments, including keyword refinement, bid adjustments, and continuous improvement of ad creatives to meet evolving patient needs.

Just Smile PPC Results
Just Smile PPC Results

Results and Outcomes

Campaign Challenges

Minor challenges were addressed through continuous bid strategy adjustments to optimize performance. We saw several no-call no no-show appointments and were able to correlate which “Keywords” they came from. Over time our team lowered the conversion cost and increased conversions for Just Smile Dental’s practices. This resulted in more dental implant appointments being booked for Just Smile Dental.

Key Achievements

  • 130% increase in dental implant appointment bookings.
  • Achieved a 25% decrease in overall Cost Per Click
  • Achieved a 36% decrease in overall Cost Per Conversion

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