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How Custom Website Design Boosts Rankings and User Experience

JLM Dental Studios
81% Increase
in Organically Ranking Keywords
118% Increase
in Phone Calls
65% Increase
in Website Visits

Client Spotlight:
A Closer Look

JLM Dental Studios is a highly respectable dental office with a reputation for providing high-quality care and a sophisticated patient experience in East Point and Smyrna, GA. Dr. Jarrett L. Manning is an accredited dentist, natural hair and style maven, business and relationship coach, and 3x best-selling author. She is among the country’s most well-known and respected dentists.

When partnering with Now Media Group, her main goal was updating and increasing their web presence. However, their website was outdated. To appeal to their clients, they envisioned a website that not only demonstrated their experience but also exuded sophistication, elegance, and a modern outlook while setting a unique visual identity.


81% Increase
in Organically Ranking Keywords
118% Increase
in Phone Calls
65% Increase
in Website Visits

Designing a User-Friendly Website that Meets Your Goals

Goal and Strategy

The main goal for JLM Dental Studios was to create a website that balanced modernism, elegance, and sophistication. We wanted to achieve depth and visual appeal that were rich with textured features integrated with navy blue backdrops. Some of the creative challenges included using a combination of typefaces to create originality and elegantly introducing gold as an accent color.

Our design team created a website redesign plan that was meticulously developed to combine modern, sophisticated, and elegant components. The foundation was navy blue, which conveyed professionalism and reliability. Rich, textured details gave the visual story more depth and personality and made it visually compelling. We added a hint of richness by carefully placing gold accents that would draw attention to important details, such as call-to-actions and previous work. We created a modern and unique visual language with a combination of colors, element placement, negative design, and unique typefaces.

Executing Our Redesign

The website underwent a comprehensive redesign process that involved meticulous attention to detail. Dark backgrounds were strategically used throughout the interface, invoking a sense of elegance and timelessness. Gold accents were sparingly integrated into the design, strategically highlighting key elements such as the logo, menu bars, headings, and select graphical elements.

The redesigned website achieved the desired balance between sophistication and functionality. When paired with the golden accents, the dark backgrounds conveyed a feeling of luxury while preserving readability and user-friendliness. Visitors were greeted with a refined visual experience that mirrored the practice’s dedication to quality and professionalism.

JLM Dental Studio before and after website design

Local SEO to Reach Customers in Your Area

The Objectives

Effective local SEO played a vital role in boosting JLM Dental Studios’ visibility on Google within their service area and nearby cities. Our goal was to secure access to the client’s Google Business Profiles and significantly increase their positioning on Google Maps, boosting their ranking for their business listing and website when users search for relevant terms.

Our additional objective was to achieve consistent NAP (name, address, phone) across the internet to enhance search visibility and attract various customers.

The Strategies

Optimizing Their Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile serves as a quick overview of your business and is frequently the initial impression customers encounter when searching for a business on Google Search or Maps. A comprehensive Google listing signals to Google that your business is active and pertinent.

Once we were granted access to both of the Google Business Profiles for JLM Dental Studios, we were able to begin optimizing them by ensuring all of their information was present and accurate.

The following updates were made to their Google listings:

  1. Added the services and products offered
  2. Uploaded photos of the offices and staff
  3. Wrote short business descriptions
  4. Linked to important pages on their website
  5. Added social media links
JLM Dental Studios GMB 2
JLM Dental Studios GMB 1

We implemented monthly updates to both of the practices’ Google listings to uphold a positive reputation with Google, which builds credibility and enhances online visibility. Our SEO team crafted monthly Google posts, consisting of concise paragraphs showcasing their services and oral hygiene tips that also included links directing users to their website.

In alignment with Google’s recommendation to interact with customers through the Google Listing, we proactively responded to customer reviews and FAQS posted on the listing.

Website Updates

A business’s website must be optimized for optimal local search results, so we integrated the Google Maps listing into the header and footer of the website. Thunder Bay Roofing’s address and service areas were also added to various pages of the site to increase their reach in these locations.

Backlink Optimization

Establishing backlinks is crucial for expanding search visibility online and achieving higher rankings in search results. We employed in-house tools tailored for Local SEO to enhance existing backlinks and generate new ones for JLM Dental Studios. These tools aid in identifying the most pertinent and top-rated search engines and directories while ensuring a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) across all citations.

Additionally, we proactively contacted dental product websites and blogs, seeking additional backlinks to further boost the online presence of JLM Dental Studios.

The Results

Since becoming a client of Now Media Group, JLM Studios’ Google Maps positioning has increased significantly. In the past 6 months, we improved their ranking for “East Point dentist” by 50, putting them in the number two spot for that location.

Through our local SEO strategies, we were also able to increase phone calls to their dental practice by 118%. Website visits also increased by 65%.

JLM GMB numbers
JLM GMB numbers
JLM rankings
JLM keywords
JLM analytic data

Creating Original Content to Accompany a New Website Design

A website isn’t much without content. When we redesigned the website for JLM Dental Studios, we also created new, optimized content that emphasized Dr. Manning’s experience and the premier dental services she offers.

We launched the new website in July of 2023. Since then, we’ve increased the amount of organic keywords that JLM Dental Studios ranks for in the search engine results. As of January 2023, they rank organically for over 280 keywords, some of those being “Botox Smyrna, GA,” and “East Point Dentist.”

We also saw increases in the number of users visiting the JLM Dental Studios website, allowing for more exposure and greater chances of conversions.

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