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PPC Campaign Success for Dental Implants - A Case Study

The Foleck Center
Increase in Conversation Rate
Increase in CTR
10.72 x
Increase in Impressions

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The Foleck Center, a leading dental facility, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge dental services, with a specialization in dental implants. Nestled in Virginia Beach, VA, and Norfolk, VA, their centers specialize in transforming smiles through innovative dental implant solutions.


Increase in Conversation Rate
Increase in CTR
10.72 x
Increase in Impressions

Campaign Overview

Key Challenges

Confronting hurdles of low online visibility, subpar leads, and a plateau in dental implant appointments, The Foleck Center needed a strategic transformation.

The mission was clear: breathe new life into The Foleck Center’s Google Ads strategy. The aim was twofold — elevate local brand visibility and usher in a flow of top-quality leads, acknowledging the high return on investment that dental implant services represent for The Foleck Center.

In line with The Foleck Center’s goals, our campaign objectives were to:

  • Amplify local online visibility and enhance brand recognition.
  • Drive qualified leads specifically for dental implant services at The Foleck Center.
  • Increase appointment bookings for consultations related to dental implants.
  • Attract new patients actively seeking cutting-edge solutions for dental implants.

Executing a Results-Driven PPC Campaign

Our team executed a highly successful dental implants PPC campaign. This led to amplified online visibility, a surge in dental implant inquiries, and a significant increase in appointment bookings. The Foleck Center experienced:

  • 34.49% increase in Conversions.
  • 29.83% increase in Click-Through Rate.
  • 10.72% increase in Impressions.

Optimization and Strategic Planning

We undertook a comprehensive structuring of ads and keywords, organizing them into distinct ad groups. This structural shift significantly improved ad quality scores and overall effectiveness. Ad creatives were crafted to spotlight The Foleck Center’s high standards, expertise, and distinctive qualities.

Foleck Center ad targeting image
exclusion of demographics Foleck Center
negative keywords Foleck Center

Precision in Audience Targeting

Our target audience comprised residents actively seeking dental implant services. Leveraging demographic and behavioral targeting, we refined lead quality by excluding lower-income households. Strategic exclusions, such as the 18 to 24 age range, ensured a focus on demographics more likely to engage with dental implant services. Negative keywords were strategically used to filter out irrelevant terms, like cheap, free, dental implant grants, and others.

Thorough Keyword Research

Our team did extensive keyword research, handpicking the most relevant dental implant terms for The Foleck Center’s Google Ads campaigns. This meticulous keyword research ensured the effective capture of high-intent searches related to dental implants.

keyword research for Foleck Center PPC campaign
Foleck Center Ad
Foleck Center ads
Foleck Center Call Ads

Creative Ad Copy Implementation

Compelling ad copies were crafted to spotlight The Foleck Center’s proficiency in dental implants. Consistent A/B testing (testing for the best-performing ad) optimized ad creatives, and unique advantages, such as multiple locations, were highlighted to distinguish The Foleck Center from competitors.

Call Ads (click to call ads) were also utilized to help make it simpler for seniors and other potential patients to call directly and inquire about dental implants.

Strategic Bid Strategy Implementation

Commencing with a “maximize clicks” bid strategy, we later transitioned to “maximize conversions” after meticulous data analysis. This dynamic bidding approach underwent regular adjustments to ensure optimal visibility and lead generation.

Strategic Ad Assets Utilization

We utilized various ad extensions to accentuate dental implant services, enhancing visibility and user engagement. These additions, including site links, callouts, and image extensions, helped The Foleck Center’s ads stand out in the local competitive dental implant market.

PPC callout Foleck Center
Assets for PPC Foleck Center

Budget Oversight and Optimization

Daily budget fine-tuning guaranteed peak performance and cost-effectiveness. The Foleck Center was allocated a competitive ad spend, and third-party tracking software meticulously monitored budget pacing, maintaining a steady and low Cost Per Conversion.

Continuous Performance Monitoring and Adjustments

Critical metrics, including Click-Through Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversions, and Conversion Rate, underwent vigilant monitoring. Strategic adjustments, such as keyword fine-tuning and bid adjustments, were implemented based on ongoing analysis, ensuring alignment with evolving patient needs.

Achievements and Outcomes

During the initial 6 months of partnering with Now Media, The Foleck Center experienced significant enhancements in key Google Ads metrics. They achieved a remarkable 34.49% increase in Conversions, showcasing a substantial rise in desired actions, such as appointment bookings or form submissions. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) saw a commendable boost of 29.83%, indicating an increased percentage of users clicking on the ads in response to their searches. Additionally, there was a 10.72% increase in Impressions, signifying expanded visibility of The Foleck Center’s ads in relevant search results.

These positive shifts were complemented by a well-maintained and low Cost Per Conversion (CPC) of $32.02. This metric reflects the efficiency of the campaign in acquiring new patients while keeping advertising costs controlled.

The collective improvements in Conversions, CTR, and Impressions underscore the campaign’s effectiveness in driving engagement and attracting individuals actively seeking dental implant solutions. This success translated into tangible outcomes as it led to increased patient bookings, highlighting the campaign’s direct impact on the growth of The Foleck Center’s clientele.

Foleck Center metrics
CPC for Foleck center

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