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Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi

Unique Blogs + Topical Authority = Large Traffic Spikes

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Increase in Impressions
1500% Increase in Clicks
Over a 20% Increase
in local Engagement on Google

Client Spotlight:
A Closer Look

Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi are proud to feature a staff of experienced dentists who are all well-equipped to take care of your smile. With many decades of combined experience and countless recognitions among them, the Staten Island dental team can be trusted to deliver the spectacular results you expect. They offer general, pediatric, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for patients in and around Staten Island, NY.

Before implementing a new topical authority strategy combined with consistent blogging, our client sat a bit above average for a dental practice with an average of about 3,000 impressions per day with 15 clicks.


Increase in Impressions
1500% Increase in Clicks
Over a 20% Increase
in local Engagement on Google

The Topical Authority Approach

Coming up with new SEO strategies that work can be tricky. With topical authority—an idea of creating high-quality, original content that fully covers a topic—we wanted to focus on making our client a trustworthy authority in dentistry.

The website for Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi was one of the first clients we would employ this strategy on. We began writing content section by section, starting with dental implants. Each one of these pages was carefully written to correspond with one another but still possessed enough unique information on every page.

After adding a few sections, we patiently waited to see better results. We did start to see small upticks in traffic, but we were also battling Google Core updates at the time. That’s when we decided to also start blogging to further support the topical authority content. When monitoring progress, we used tools such as Google Search Console, SE ranking for keyword tracking, and Google Analytics.

Real Results

Just like any other SEO strategy, topical authority won’t get you a plethora of website traffic overnight. It took many months of tweaking our strategy and uploading new pages to see upward movement. However, by May 2023, we started to see promising results.

Impressions for this website were now sitting around 7,000 a day—a 133% increase from January 2023. Throughout the next few months, we saw ebbs and flows of traffic due to Google Core updates. However, we never saw our numbers drop below where we started.

As of February 2024, we had reached a new high of 406 clicks in one day and over 13,000 impressions.

Google Search Console data from Aesthetic Dental Associates
Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi results

Along with an increase in organic traffic, we also witnessed a vast improvement in organic rankings for keywords. In January 2023, our client ranked organically for 2,465 keywords, but as of January 2024, they ranked for 8,477 keywords. That’s a 243% increase.

By utilizing keyword tracking tools, we’re able to monitor the position fluctuations of specific keywords. Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi have earned many number-one search position spots, along with numerous spots in the top 3—aiding in website traffic.

Reaching Customers Locally with Local SEO

The Objectives

Local SEO played a crucial role in elevating Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi’s visibility on Google within their service area and nearby cities.

The objectives for this client included:

  1. Improve their ranking on Google Maps and Search
  2. Increase visibility and credibility across the internet
  3. Increase Google listing engagements to increase patient count

The Strategies

Optimizing Their Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile acts as a brief summary of your business and often forms the first impression customers encounter when they search for a business on Google Search or Maps. Having a detailed Google listing indicates to Google that your business is active and relevant.

Once we gained access to the Google Business Profiles for Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi, we were able to begin optimizing it by ensuring all of their information was present and accurate.

The following updates were made to their Google listing:

  1. A description of their business was added, along with services and products offered
  2. We uploaded pictures of the office and dental team
  3. The team wrote a short description of the business
  4. We linked to important pages on their website
  5. Added social media links

We regularly monitored and updated the practice’s Google listings to maintain a favorable reputation with Google, bolstering credibility and boosting online visibility. Our SEO team created monthly Google posts, featuring brief descriptions of their services and dental care tips, complete with links guiding users to their website.

Following Google’s suggestion to engage with customers via Google Listings, we took proactive steps to address customer reviews and frequently asked questions (FAQs) posted on the listing.

Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi Google listing
Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi location

Website Updates

To ensure the best local search outcomes, a business website needs to be optimized accordingly for local SEO. We incorporated the Google Maps listing into both the header and footer of the website. Additionally, we included the addresses and service areas of Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi on several pages of the site to extend their presence in these regions.

Backlink Optimization

Creating backlinks is essential for increasing online search visibility and attaining better rankings in search engine results. We utilized specialized in-house tools for local SEO to improve existing backlinks and create new ones for Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi. These tools help identify relevant and reputable search engines and directories, ensuring consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) information across all citations.

We also took proactive steps to reach out to dental product websites and blogs, aiming to secure additional backlinks to enhance the client’s online presence even further.

Local Results

Since becoming clients of Now Media Group, Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi’s Google positioning has increased significantly. Our local SEO efforts helped them achieve a spot in the Google Local Pack, ranking in the top spots for popular search terms like “veneers,” “dentist,” and “Invisalign.”

We also increased the engagement on Google by over 20%. These interactions included website visits, phone calls, and direction requests to the practice.

Drs. Olsen, Napolitano, and Cangialosi results

Clicking for Dental Emergencies: Client Success in PPC

Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano faced various issues, including limited online presence, low-quality leads, and a stagnant monthly patient influx.

Our PPC goal was clear: refine the Google Ads strategy for Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano to freshen up their approach, enhance local brand visibility, and attract higher-quality leads and patients to their dental practice in Staten Island.

Campaign Objectives Overview

We formulated campaign objectives in alignment with the goals of Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano. These objectives would be achievable across the board:

  • Boost local online visibility and brand recognition.
  • Direct qualified leads to Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano’s practice.
  • Augment appointment bookings for emergency and general dental services.
  • Heighten visibility for emergency dental services.
  • Draw in new patients seeking general dentistry solutions.

Executing a Results-Driven PPC Campaign

We executed a meticulously crafted PPC campaign for Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano, with a focus on emergency and general dentistry services. The campaign surpassed expectations, resulting in increased online visibility, a surge in emergency dental appointments, and a notable rise in inquiries for general dentistry services.

Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano saw:

  • 12.61% increase in conversions
  • 29.84% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 40.95% increase in conversion rate

Optimization and Planning

Audience Focus

Our focus demographic included local community members actively searching for emergency dental assistance and general dentistry services. By using demographic and behavioral targeting methodologies, we ensured precise and personalized outreach to our audience.

To streamline lead quality, we filtered out households with incomes falling in the bottom 50%. Our team also meticulously curated an extensive list of negative keywords—terms such as “free” or “cheap”—to prevent our ads from appearing in irrelevant searches.

Napolitano audience PPC
Napolitano PPC keyword research
Napolitano keywords

Keyword Research

We conducted exhaustive research into numerous keywords specific to Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano’s area of Staten Island, and meticulously selected the most suitable ones for their Google Ads initiatives. This comprehensive keyword research revealed the most popular and necessary terms related to emergency dental care and overall oral wellness, guaranteeing that the campaign efficiently targeted searches with high intent.

Ad Copy and Creativity

Our team developed compelling advertisements that emphasized the prompt response available for dental emergencies while showcasing Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano’s comprehensive range of general dentistry services. We rigorously tested ad creatives through A/B testing, comparing different variations to determine the most effective one. We made sure to highlight Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano’s unique advantages, such as weekend hours, setting them apart from other advertisers in the region.

Napolitano PPC
Napolitano PPC

Strategy Implementation

Bid Strategy

To begin our campaign, we started with a “maximize clicks” bid strategy, analyzing incoming data to gather insights. Following thorough data analysis and optimization, we transitioned to a “maximize conversions” approach, to capture the highest number of leads. This flexible combination of manual and automated bidding strategies underwent periodic adjustments, staying in line with performance data to guarantee maximum visibility within the allocated budget.

Ad Assets

Ad assets and extensions were used to highlight the emergency and general dentistry services, enhancing visibility and boosting user engagement. These enhancements, including site links, callouts, image asset extensions, and others, added extra appeal, effectively setting our ads apart from competitors and capturing audience attention.

Budget Oversight and Optimization

We closely monitored budget allocation, adjusting it daily to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano were assigned a competitive ad spend aimed at achieving optimal results. To maintain accuracy in budget allocation, we utilized third-party tracking software, overseeing budget pacing throughout the month. This proactive strategy ensured that their budget was utilized effectively and aligned with campaign objectives.

Ongoing Adjustments

Regular analysis of campaign data allowed for strategic adaptations, involving fine-tuning of keywords, adjustments to bids, and ongoing refinement of ad creatives. This proactive approach ensured alignment with evolving patient needs, enabling continuous optimization of strategies for optimal outcomes.

Results and Outcomes

Throughout the first ten months of 2023, Drs. Nasso, Olsen, and Napolitano saw significant improvements in key Google Ads metrics, signaling the success of their digital campaign. Comparing the latter five months to the first five months of the campaign that began in January of that year, the emphasis on strategic adjustments resulted in a 12.61% increase in conversions. This indicates a rise in desired actions such as appointment bookings or form submissions. The conversion rate also rose by 40.95%, illustrating a remarkable increase in the percentage of clicks that translated into valuable actions.

There was a 29.84% decrease in cost per conversion, reflecting a reduction in the cost per lead throughout the campaign’s progression. This ensured that advertising costs remained efficient, facilitating the cost-effective acquisition of new patient visits.

These positive shifts in metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign in driving more engagement and actions from users seeking dental services. The increased conversions and conversion rate suggest a higher number of new patient visits, highlighting the campaign’s success in attracting and converting potential patients.

Napolitano PPC results

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