Who We Are

Meet the secret behind Now Media Group’s success, our one-of-a-kind team of talented writers, engineers, analysts, and consultants.

Now Media Group was founded in 2009. Our passion in you and your business is what defines Now Media Group as a company and as a team. You can count on our dedication to providing your business with the tools it needs to build a strong, lasting, and trusted digital footprint.

Our team believes in a strong culture of core values that defines the workplace and the work we do for you. These values include:

  • Teamwork: Success is a collective achievement
  • Self-improvement: Push your boundaries to discover what you’re capable of
  • Forward-thinking: Be a leader in your industry
  • Community: We’re a jerk-free environment
  • Pride: Your work is a reflection of you
  • Inspire: Encourage each other to take chances
  • Open-mindedness: Success thrives on new ideas
  • Passion: Do what inspires you to learn, grow, and excel
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