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Amplifying Social Media Engagement - A Case Study

Increase in Facebook Reach
New Instagram Followers
Increase in Instagram Profile Visits

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StellaLife® is a biotech company that offers natural products to ease pain, accelerate healing, and reduce opioid use.

The problem? Challenges in maximizing their social media presence. Their marketing efforts have not reached the desired results due to limited engagement, poor visibility, and ineffective messaging.

The client needed help becoming consistent with their branding, creating visually compelling posts, and linking their audience to their brand values: Customer focus. Innovation and excellence. Respect and compassion for people. Passion for natural healing.

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Increase in Facebook Reach
New Instagram Followers
Increase in Instagram Profile Visits


  • Content mix: StellaLife’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, showcase diverse content, all curated with utmost care and attention to detail.
    • Products: Highlight products to showcase their benefits and how to use them.
    • Photos: StellaLife members attending events. Educating students, clinicians, and others on incorporating StellaLife® products.
    • Events: Promote upcoming events and exhibits that StellaLife will be attending.
    • Education: Feature educational webinars and live sessions featuring experts in the field to educate followers on StellaLife® products.
    • Recurring: Practice of the Month (POM), Innovator Series, Solution of the Month, Case Study of the Month.
    • Research: StellaLife® conducts high-quality research on all of their products.
    • Videos: Reviews from doctors, dental hygienists, pharmacists, and consumers.
StellaLife social posts
social media platforms - stellalife
  • Quality and quantity: Create a detailed content calendar aligned with StellaLife events, posting 4-9 times weekly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    • Google Sheets: Create a personalized monthly calendar.
    • Canva: Use StellaLife’s color scheme, font, theme, and design elements to create customized content.
    • Meta Business Suite: Schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with StellaLife’s team members and clinicians to expand the reach and enhance brand awareness.
  • Less is more: Follow the “less is more” principle in captions to create high-quality content that stands out from the rest.
StellaLife collaboration social post
StellaLife less is more social posts
User-generated content for StellaLife
Collab social posts StellaLife
StellaLife award posts
  • User-generated content: Share testimonial videos from clinicians and users of StellaLife® oral care products regularly to improve brand credibility.
  • Building rapport: Establish a genuine relationship with the audience by responding to comments, mentions, and direct messages.
  • Adding credibility: Incorporate awards, research studies, and Trustpilot reviews to establish trust in StellaLife® and its products


Since Now Media Group took over StellaLife’s social media, implementing these strategies has resulted in significant improvements—enhanced engagement, increased brand visibility, positive sentiment and trust.

  • 929.3% increase in Facebook reach
  • 500+ published Facebook posts
  • 107.4% increase in new Facebook Page likes
  • 1.7K% increase in Facebook visits
  • 91.5% increase in Facebook follows
  • 2.0K% increase in Instagram reach
  • 600 new Instagram followers
  • 981.6% increase in Instagram profile visits
  • 539 new LinkedIn followers (last 365 days)
  • 39.9% increase in LinkedIn Reactions (last 365 days)

StellaLife’s shift in content, engagement, and outreach amplified its social media presence, resulting in heightened brand awareness, increased engagement, and improved trust among its audience, aligning with its company values.

StellaLife graphs from Social Media


2,146 Facebook Page likes

2.316 Facebook followers

2,810 Instagram followers

2,134 LinkedIn followers

Facebook Page Summary

538 New followers

4,590 Likes and reactions



8,774 Link clicks

44 Unfollowers

5.232 Reactions/likes, comments, and shares

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