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Dr. Michael Kreimer

Michael Kreimer, DDS

From Strategy to Success: A Social Media Marketing Case Study

Michael Kreimer, DDS
Increase in New Facebook Page Likes
Increase in Messaging Conversations Started
Increase in Instagram Reach

Client Spotlight:
A Closer Look

Michael Kreimer, DDS, is a reputable dental practice specializing in family and implant dentistry in Loveland, OH.

The problem? Minimal online engagement, lack of brand visibility, and ineffective communication with their social media messaging. The client needed help maximizing their social media presence.

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Increase in New Facebook Page Likes
Increase in Messaging Conversations Started
Increase in Instagram Reach


  • Content planning and refinement: Emphasize patient success stories, dental health tips, offered services, and client testimonials to showcase exceptional care.
    • Google Sheets: Generate a detailed monthly calendar for content
    • Canva: Design customized graphics that adhere to the brand
    • Meta Business Suite/Synup: Schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram
Michael Kreimer Social Media
Michael Kreimer social planning
Michael Kreimer Content social
Kreimer consistent branding for social media
  • Data analysis and optimization: Analyze social media analytics regularly using Meta Business Suite to optimize strategies based on what works best.
  • Consistent branding: Establish a cohesive visual identity across platforms, incorporating consistent branding elements, such as logos, colors, and design styles.
  • Patient-centric approach: Highlight their commitment to personalized patient care and exceptional service through authentic patient stories and testimonials.
patient approach for social media for Dr. Kreimer
hashtag campaign for Michael Kreimer
  • Hashtag campaigns: Use relevant hashtags to increase engagement and visibility and encourage users to participate.
    • Examples: #lovelanddentist #ohiodentist #dentalclinic


Implementing these strategies has significantly increased engagement and enhanced visibility and continues to grow their online reputation.

  • 41.3% increase in Facebook reach
  • 53.1% increase in published Facebook posts
  • 175% increase in new Facebook Page likes
  • 44.4% increase in Facebook follows
  • 139.1% increase in Instagram reach
  • 100% increase in messaging conversations started

Michael Kreimer, DDS, saw improvements after refining content and branding for their social media presence. Engagement, visibility, and reputation in the Loveland community have grown, aligning with their commitment to exceptional care in family and implant dentistry. 

Michael Kreimer social media results


  • 53 Facebook Page likes
  • 63 Facebook followers
  • 106 Instagram followers

Facebook Page Summary

  • 13 New followers
  • 464 Likes and reactions
  • 4 Link clicks
  • 0 Unfollowers
  • 577 Reactions/Likes, comments, and shares

Client’s Feedback

Dr. Kreimer

I have been having good results with Now Media optimizing my website. Mark the owner is very hands-on and very responsive to any concerns. We have definitely improved our new patient numbers since using Now Media. I would highly recommend Now Media.

Dr. Michael Kreimer

Michael Kreimer, DDS

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