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Featured Snippets 101

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Do you ever wonder why some search results stand out more than others? That would be because of Google’s featured snippets, a “position zero” spot that’s guaranteed to bring you more organic traffic from the search results. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem to grab those coveted spots.

That’s where Now Media Group comes in. As a digital marketing agency, our search engine optimization (SEO) services include creating content that has the potential to grab those featured snippet spots. Our clients have experienced massive increases in traffic from featured snippets, and we proudly display their results so you can rest assured that you’re making the best decision when partnering with Now Media.

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What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are special content blocks that Google and other search engines display at the top of their SERPs (search engine results pages), usually above the organic search results. They’re designed to provide quick, concise answers to user queries, making it convenient for them to find the information they need without clicking on any search results.

A featured snippet sits at the distinguished “position zero”, above all other organic results, making Google’s featured snippets important prime real estate in the digital landscape. Google’s algorithm for featured snippets is influenced by on-page modifications that provide a clear understanding of the topic to users.

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Types of Featured Snippets

There are various types of featured snippets that your website can earn, including:

  1. Paragraph snippets: The most common snippets, as they consist of a brief text excerpt that directly answers a user’s query. Google will select a relevant portion of your content to display at the top of the search results.
  2. List Snippet: The information is presented as a numbered or bulleted list. It’s ideal for queries asking for steps, tips, or items in a specific order.
  3. Table Snippet: When search engines detect structured data in your content, they may display it as a table in the featured snippet. These are often used for comparison or data-drive queries.
  4. Video Snippet: If your content includes embedded videos, Google may showcase a video snippet in the organic search results.
  5. Accordion Snippet: These are often interactive and expandable. They typically appear for queries related to FAQs or topics that require more detailed explanations.
  6. Definition Snippet: For queries asking for definitions, Google often uses a definition snippet to offer a concise explanation of the term along with its source.
  7. Calculation Snippet: These display mathematical or scientific answers to a query. For example, if a user searches for “sqrt(16),” Google shows the result directly in the snippet.
  8. Featured Image: In some cases, a featured image may appear at the top of the organic results.
  9. Rich Snippets: While not necessarily a featured snippet, rich snippets enhance search results by providing additional information, such as star ratings for reviews, products, and event details.
  10. Knowledge Graph: These are information-rich cards that appear on the right-hand side of the results. They provide a summary of a person, place, or thing and often include images and related information.
  11. Local Pack: For location-based queries, Google may display a local pack featuring a map and a list of nearby businesses. This is crucial for local SEO.
  12. Video Carousel: A video carousel showcases a horizontal row of video thumbnails related to a specific query.
  13. Top Stories: For news-related queries, Google may display a “Top Stories” section featuring the latest news articles and headlines.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important to SEO?

When Google displays featured snippets from your website, you gain:

How to Create Content That Secures Featured Snippets

Tailoring Content for the Featured Snippet Box

To ensure that your content has a chance to secure a featured snippet, it needs to be concise and informative, directly answering a user’s query. The ideal length for content in a snippet is around 40 to 50 words, which is just enough to provide a clear and precise response to a user’s query. This will involve optimizing the structure of your content, using relevant HTML tags, and organizing it to address specific long-tail keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are hidden gems in the SEO game. These are specific, less competitive search phrases that increase your chances of ranking at the top of search engines and obtaining links. We’ll structure your content to directly address specific long-tail keywords, increasing the likelihood of your content appearing in a featured snippet that answers relevant users’ queries.

Aligning Your Content With Related Topics and Keywords

Related topics and keywords help enhance your search engine visibility, engage your target audience, and improve user experience. We’ll incorporate related keywords into your content strategy with the help of unique keyword research and competitor analysis. By selecting focus keywords and structuring the content around pertinent keywords, we can create content that resonates with your audience and Google’s algorithms.

Enhance Your Visibility With Rich Formatting

Making your content accessible to Google is where rich formatting comes in. By using proper HTML tags and formatting, your content becomes more easily digestible not just for your audience, but for Google’s crawlers, too.

Common mistakes in HTML formatting that can affect your content visibility include missing or incorrect heading tags, overuse of inline styles, and improper use of image alt attributes. By avoiding these mistakes and enhancing your content with rich formatting, you’re setting your content up for success in the race for the snippet box.

Incorporate Visuals and Tables

Visuals and tables act as engaging elements that attract users. They don’t just make your content more engaging; they also improve its chances of being featured in snippets. Tables, bullet lists, numbered lists, videos, and high-quality images are the crown jewels of the snippet box, including paragraph snippets. They provide a structured and organized way of presenting information, which Google loves. The more easily Google can understand your content, the higher your chances of securing a spot in the coveted table-featured snippet box, also known as a table snippet.

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How to Outrank Your Competitors for Featured Snippets

When it comes to featured snippets, you don’t want your competitors to have those coveted spots. At Now Media, we’ll use the following strategies to ensure that you grab that featured snippet spot from your competitors:

  1. Analyze and Target Competitor Snippets: We’ll start by analyzing your competitor’s snippets. We’ll take a look at the content in the snippet and work on making it better, allowing for the possibility of stealing the featured snippet away.
  2. Improving Existing Content for Featured Snippet Success: While generating new content is essential, we don’t underestimate the potential of optimizing your existing content. With more optimization and updates, your current content can be a strong contender for featured snippets. We’ll identify what content is already performing well, then build upon its success by incorporating relevant keywords, improving its structure, and updating outdated information. By doing so, we’re not just improving your chances of being featured in snippets, but also enhancing the overall quality of your site.
  3. Monitor and Adapt to Changes in SERP Features: Change is the only guarantee in SEO. As search engines constantly update their algorithms, it’s crucial to stay ahead of these changes and adapt your content accordingly. Google’s algorithm updates can significantly affect your website’s position in Google’s search results. By staying on top of these changes, we can constantly fine-tune your content to meet the evolving standards of search engines, improving your chances of securing and maintaining a featured snippet spot.

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