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2018 was an incredible year and we look forward to an equally as amazing 2019.

Before we jump right into the new year, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from the past 12 months.

The 5 Most Popular Blogs

#1 Your Marketing is Only as Good as Your Product

The Power Glove - an example of great marketing for a terrible product.

The story of the Power Glove is the sad story of a spectacular marketing campaign paired with an under-performing product that could not deliver on the expectation it had created. After selling a hundred thousand gloves, the company went bankrupt when it could not continue its success once the product was actually released to the consumer.

The lesson: good marketing is not a sufficient condition for success. The bottom line comes down to the quality of the product and service.

How do we build a product that ‘wows’?

The first question you should ask yourself is, does my product meet two or three fundamental human needs? Does my product offer certainty — certainty in results, for example —, excitement and variety, significance, connection, growth, or the opportunity for the customer to contribute? If you can meet two of these needs, you have a great product. If you can meet three, you’ll have a raving customer.

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#2 Why Do You Do What You Do?

The #1 result being what it is, it’s not surprising this blog was our second most popular in 2018. A good product, and good marketing, is built on the philosophy of the company and its ownership.

This blog looks at the success of Zappos, a company doing the same thing a lot of other people were doing at the time — starting ecommerce websites to sell shoes. What made them different was the philosophy they built their enterprise on, a philosophy of excellence in customer experience. Every company policy, every company interaction with the consumer, was faithful to this idea, to this core value.

What’s your ‘why?’

# 3 Why Dentists are Investing in Yelp and You Should Too

Yelp shows up on the first page of a Google dental search 97% of the time.

Modern search strategies aren’t just about Google anymore, they’re about the powerful websites that command so much organic real estate because of the sheer amount of resources at their disposal.

Patients looking for dentists in their area will invariably see Yelp, a platform that’s highly known and well-trusted. Where will these patients get their reviews from? From Yelp, because it’s being served to them.

If you have a strong Yelp strategy, then you have a strong chance of ranking highly on their platform. Otherwise, advertising on Yelp is cheap and effective.

#4 Google’s “Medic” Update: What You Need to Know

Google changed the organic SEO game with their August 2018 “Medic” update.

We shared some insights on what changes were made by Google, based on signals and information they had been giving us on Google Ads. This includes a greater emphasis on local SEO, authenticity, and factual authority.

How’s your website performing on search? If it took a hit last year, this blog can start you on the journey toward SEO recovery.

#5 The Right Google Ads Metrics for Informed Business Decisions

Click-through rate. Conversion rate. Impressions. AdRank. Quality score. Bounce rate. The list of metrics is endless.

There’s only certain metrics that truly matter to you, and those are the ones directly tied to your bottom line.

We explain what metrics are the ones that you should get reporting on, how you should read them, and how you can use them to give better feedback to your marketing team so that they can get better results with the same budget.

A Tour Through Some of the New Websites We Launched in 2018

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