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It’s the New Year and we have all of 2016 to look forward to, which makes for a good opportunity to take a glance back to review our work this past year. 2015 was a busy year for us and we have a lot to be proud of. Our blog, Inbound Dynamics, has grown in popularity, we’ve revamped our web design and marketing strategies to stay two steps ahead of the competition, and our exclusive dental implant InfoSite program continues to find success. The work we do is to better serve you, as your success is our success, and there’s a certain satisfaction to knowing that we’re helping others build and grow their businesses. Let’s take a closer look at Now Media Group’s 2015.

Inbound Dynamics Top 5 Blogs

Which were our five most popular blogs in 2015?

1. What Moz’ 2015 Local Search Survey Means to You:

In September, Moz unveiled its 2015 Local SEO Search Ranking Factors survey, which asks SEO agencies for information on what strategies and which factors have seen the most success for them. Some of the topics covered this year were the changes to how Google displays local businesses to searchers, what it takes to get your local business seen by a searcher, and what role reviews play in your sales process. I parse this information and provide some general lessons that we can take from the study. Namely, that to do local SEO you need to do organic SEO as well, that you should diversify your marketing strategy to reduce the shock of Google’s changes to their platform, and that reviews are crucial for selling your products or services.

2. How to Build a Buyer Persona From Scratch:

Content marketing is a powerful tool for growing a business, but in order for a content campaign to be successful you have to speak directly to your customers. The only way you’re going to address their concerns is by understanding who your customers are and what they’re looking for. In marketing, the way we do this is by creating a persona, which is essentially a character sheet. In a conference, a local business owner asked about creating personas from scratch — when they have no information on their customers — and I provide an in-depth method of doing just that, by taking advantage of the power of the Google Analytics platform.

3. 5 Great Promotion Strategies for Dentists:

Facebook has a huge and diverse demographic, making it one of the best social media platforms for businesses to use to find new customers and to engage with their current customers. While Facebook is great in theory, actually doing well on it and finding success in cultivating relationships with your community of customers is a different story. It’s hard to think of novel ways of reaching out and attracting traffic to your page. Periodically, I scour Facebook for ideas and inspiration, and I found five truly awesome ideas I found other dentists putting into practice that I had to share with you. If you haven’t read this blog, I highly recommend it.

4. Is Your Website Content Out of the Box:

We’ve reached the point of “content saturation.” There’s so much content out there that, in order to have a successful marketing strategy, you really need to stand out from the crowd. In dental marketing, very few agencies are able to provide that kind of service to their clients. We share a couple of examples of how we’ve shaped our content strategies to do exactly that, including a “personal injury myth busters” blogging campaign for J. Price McNamara and our ever-evolving approach to dental blogging, to better engage with our client’s local patients. Since then, we’ve grown and expanded our content strategy even further, so we’ll definitely share some of our more recent strategies in 2016.

5. Dental Design with Ashley Hildebrand:

The purpose of Inbound Dynamics is to bring you actionable insight on your marketing strategy. As part of that, Now Media Group has launched a new series, dedicated to interviewing industry experts on specific topics. Our interview with Ashley, a talented and decorated graphic designer, who’s currently working with us on logos for Larson Dental and The Wagner Centre, proved a smashing hit among our audience. She gives great advice on what current web design trends are and what kind of styles are both successful and timeless. She also gives awesome advice on logo and social media design. This is another must-read from 2015. If you liked the interview, you can look forward to a continuation of the series in 2016.

Next-Generation InfoSites

It’s important to stay fresh and up-to-date, which is why we decided to upgrade our dental implant and Invisalign InfoSite designs. We made them more modern, faster, and used past data to improve the conversion process, making them even more successful at garnering local market share for our clients. Check them out:

Dental Implant InfoSite

Our new dental implant InfoSite design.
[Click to enlarge.]

Invisalign InfoSite

[Click to enlarge.]
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Our Web Design in Review

Beyond the InfoSite, 2015 has been a busy year for Now Media group as far as web design goes. We’ve stayed at the cutting edge of Google’s best practices, and in fact have continued to pre-empt them, and one thing you’ll notice is that all of our websites are mobile responsive and they all have the correct structured data. These aren’t extra or things we provide only to certain clients — we want to provide all of you with our best work, so that’s what you get.

Some examples of the kind of website work we’ve put out this year include:

Silver Valley Dental

Silver Valley Dental screenshot

Pickup Bagshaw Dental

Pickup Bagshaw Dental screenshot


Decoto Family Dentistry

Decoto Family Dentistry screenshot


Dental Smiles at Johns Creek

Dental Smiles at Johns Creek screenshot


Looking Forward to 2016

2015 was an important year for Now Media Group, but that year is now in the past and we must continue to grow in 2016. We operate on a simple philosophy, which is that we always do our best. We know there’s always room for improvement and there’s always opportunity to raise the bar; as such, we’ll dedicate 2016 to continue pushing the standards ever upwards, so that we can provide you, our client, with a competitive marketing strategy that will continue to remain competitive over the long-run. If you’re ambitious and looking to grow your business, we invite you along for the ride and together we’ll work to put you at the top of your market. You can reach us via the contact form on our website or by calling us at (858) 333-8950.

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