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Dental Marketing Strategies for Multi-Location Practices

Opening multiple dental office locations has many benefits — you can serve a wider area, provide greater convenience, and increase your revenue potential. However, having several offices also presents unique marketing challenges. You need dental marketing strategies to promote your brand consistently across all locations while still tailoring tactics to reach patients in each local community.

Now Media Group’s digital marketing team offers tips for developing a cohesive yet targeted dental marketing plan when operating multiple practices. Call our Now Media Group team at (858) 333-8950 for a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your multiple business locations.

Introduce Your Brandcontent marketing

The first step for marketing multiple locations is establishing your dental brand and communicating what makes you unique. Come up with a unifying slogan or tagline that conveys your mission and can be used across all locations.

Create logos and color schemes that identify your offices at a glance and give a consistent look and feel. Make sure your website has versions optimized for multiple locations, with unique content for each that specifies the address, phone number, and doctors at that office. List all locations prominently on the homepage. This introduces visitors to your entire group of practices.

Get Your Name Out There

Now, take the time to spread awareness of your brand. Start by running search engine and social media ads targeting geographic areas around each office. Claim and optimize Google My Business listings for every location. This helps you show up in local search results. Enable patients to book appointments from your listings for convenience, and ask happy patients to leave online reviews for the specific office they visited to build credibility in each area.

Print brochures, flyers, business cards, and signage to blanket neighborhoods with your brand: sponsor local events and sports teams to connect with residents. Making your name visible in the community will drive new patients to your offices.

Website Content

Your website is your 24/7 marketing workhorse. Craft pages focusing on solving problems for potential patients in your service areas. For example, write detailed articles about dental anxiety, orthodontics for kids, senior dental care, etc.

Embed locally-optimized landing pages for each office with maps, driving directions, doctors, and services offered at that location, and create blog posts highlighting your community outreach and involvement in each area you serve. This content shows you understand and care about local needs. Include city pages with rich information about each office, such as photos, tour videos, office hours, and scheduling links. This helps visitors easily find the right location for their needs.

Adapt Your SEOSEO strategies

To attract patients searching online for local dentists, your search engine optimization efforts must extend to multiple locations. Do keyword research to identify unique terms and phrases used in each area, such as “emergency dentist [location]” or “pediatric dentist [location].” Incorporate these into content, titles, headers, alt text, and meta descriptions.

Optimizing for hyperlocal keywords will boost your visibility and drive patients to the nearest office. Leverage Google Posts and other structured data to display addresses, phone numbers, and driving directions for each location in search results. This makes it easy for nearby patients to find and contact you.

Personalize PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns through Google, Bing, and Facebook are a fast way to get your ads in front of local searchers. Set up different campaigns targeting each distinct geographic region your dental offices serve. Tailor ads with your office name, address, and local offers like free consultations or teeth whitening discounts.

Adjust bids and budgets based on competition and costs in each area. Local PPC complements your organic SEO by capturing patients looking for dentists right now in their neighborhood. Detailed location targeting gets your ads in front of those ready to book.

Leverage Social Mediasocial media apps

Today’s patients look for dentists on social media, too. Set up business pages on Facebook and Instagram for each office. Customize cover photos and posts with team members and patients from that location. Geo-tag check-ins so nearby followers see your posts first.

Run Facebook ads around each office with a tight geographic area to draw in neighborhood prospects. Share local events and news from each community to strengthen your local ties. According to your resources, consider managing individual Twitter profiles for each office to interact with local users. Connect these accounts to strengthen your brand while giving every location its social presence and following.

Go Local with Offline Marketing

To round out your outreach, tap into traditional offline marketing tailored for each area. Distribute waiting room flyers and promotional materials at nearby businesses in every community. Pitch stories to local newspapers and magazines about your new office opening or dental charity event. Seek speaking opportunities with chambers of commerce and neighborhood associations. Advertise on billboards, buses, radio, and cable TV around each location. While more costly, localized offline marketing delivers high impressions and brand visibility. Use it to reinforce other efforts.

Track Performance

With so many moving parts, it’s crucial to track the performance of your marketing campaigns by location. Use UTM parameters or dedicated phone numbers/links for each office in your ads so you can identify where leads originate. Monitor website analytics traffic by source and geographic area. Watch search rankings and engagement for location-optimized content. Review Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data for each office’s social accounts and listings. Knowing what’s resonating and where helps optimize your approach over time.

Keep Your Practice Locations Top of Mind With Digital Marketing

Expanding with new offices allows you to provide convenient dental care to more patients in your region. But successfully promoting multiple locations requires thinking beyond a one-size-fits-all strategy. With tailored SEO, social, advertising, and offline marketing — anchored by a consistent brand — your patients will find the dental care they need wherever they live.

Call (858) 333-8950 today to schedule a consultation with a representative from the Now Media Group digital marketing team.

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