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Take Advantage of the Digital Marketplace For Your Dental Office

Launching or growing a dental practice takes persistence, skill, and savvy marketing. With so many options for promoting your services, it can be tricky to know where to focus your efforts.  The Now Media Group team can help you master digital marketing for your dental office. So, if you’re ready to start ranking at the top of local searches and grow your dental practice, contact us today for your free strategy call!

What Is Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing refers to strategies dentists use to attract new patients, build loyalty among existing patients, and position their practice as the top choice for dental care. This includes both online and offline efforts across channels like search, social, websites, reviews, events, and more. The overarching goal is to promote your services, reinforce your reputation, and convert interest into appointments.

If you need professional dental marketing services, look no further than Now Media Group! We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, local SEO, website development, and more.

How Does Digital Marketing Work for Dentists?

Digital marketing harnesses the power of the internet to connect with potential patients wherever they’re searching for care. With more people turning to online channels for health services, a robust digital presence is essential.

Digital marketing for dentists may include:ad copy

  • Search engine optimization to rank your website for relevant searches
  • Paid ads on search engines and social media to boost visibility
  • An informative, user-friendly website that convinces visitors to book an appointment
  • Active social media profiles that highlight your services and expertise
  • Positive online reviews that build trust and credibility for your practice
  • Eye-catching images and videos that showcase procedures and results

The goal is to meet patients where they already spend time online and make your practice as discoverable, helpful, and appealing as possible. This inbound strategy organically pulls people toward your brand by providing the information they seek.

Elements of Digital Dental Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization refers to improving your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keyword searches. SEO helps you rank higher in results for terms like “dentist near me” or “cosmetic dentistry [your city]” so you appear in potential patients’ search results.

Tactics like keyword research, site optimization, content creation, backlink building, and page speed improvements can all improve SEO. On-page elements like titles, headers, meta descriptions, and alt text should also be keyword-optimized. The higher you rank for your target keywords, the more visible you’ll be to searchers.

Social Media

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are where patients spend time online. Developing a social media marketing strategy for your dental practice can increase awareness, highlight your approach, and drive traffic to your website.

An active, professional social presence establishes trust with the community and gives your ideal patients a chance to interact with your brand. Social media marketing strategies may include the following actions:

  • Posting educational content, behind-the-scenes photos, introductions to your team, patient testimonials, and event announcements
  • Responding promptly to comments, questions, and messages
  • Running paid social media ads to expand your reach
  • Using visuals and videos to engage followers

Patient Testimonials

Positive patient testimonials and reviews are key for convincing potential customers that your practice offers a great service experience. Featuring vivid testimonials on your website, social pages, and Google Business Profile shows new patients the quality of your work.

Make sure to ask happy patients to leave online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. This user-generated content lends third-party validation and social proof that your office provides quality care.

Before and After Photos

Showcasing successful dental makeovers using before and after photos can work wonders for certain specialties like orthodontics, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental implants, and more. When prospective patients see the dramatic improvements you’ve achieved for existing patients, it builds confidence in your skills.

With permission, display striking before and after photos on your website and social media. Just be sure to follow all applicable laws and regulations when using patient photos. This visual evidence of your results speaks volumes.

Paid Advertisements

Paid advertising gets your messaging in front of more of your target audience by boosting the visibility of your content. Paid search ads can raise your visibility for critical dental keywords. Social media ads allow you to target users by location, demographics, interests, and more.

Retargeting ads follow visitors who browse your website to remind them to book. Paid ads complement your organic marketing efforts by amplifying your reach. Dental campaigns can garner a significant return on investment (ROI) since customers acquired at a higher cost still yield long-term value.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective strategy for dentists to maintain contact with existing patients and reach new leads. Collect email addresses to build your subscriber list through your website, new patient forms, contests, or social media.

You can send regular email newsletters with dental health tips, practice news and services, special offers, and more. Segment your list by patient types and send targeted emails if you offer various specialties. Automate emails to engage new subscribers, remind patients about appointments, follow up after procedures, and recover lapsed patients.

Measuring Your Resultssearch engine optimization

To determine the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, diligently track performance using metrics for your website, SEO, paid advertising, and social media.

  • Website metrics like traffic volume, referral sources, and conversion rates (call requests, form fills, online bookings) measure how well your site attracts and converts visitors.
  • For SEO reporting, monitor keyword rankings, organic traffic, and backlinks gained.
  • Measure paid ad success through click-through rate, cost per click, conversions, and ROI.
  • For social media, analyze follower growth, engagement rate, clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Compare this data week-over-week and month-over-month to identify positive trends and areas needing optimization. Adjust your strategies accordingly to maximize results.

Turn Prospective Patients Into Loyal Customers With Dental Marketing

By implementing basic dental marketing strategies — optimizing your online presence, improving search visibility, running paid ads, and effectively using social media — you’ll start attracting more patients to your practice. If you’re unsure where to begin, simply contact Now Media Group. We’ll set up your free strategy call!

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