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Elevate Your SEO Game With Google Posts

Optimize Your Google Business Listing

Do you have a Google My Business Listing? Do you know how to optimize it and attract new customers or patients to your local business? Google post business updates are a great way to optimize your listing, connect with your community, and keep your customers in the loop of your business.

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Google Posts: What They Are and Why They Matter

Google Posts are miniature ads or social updates that appear in search results and on Google Maps as part of a business’s Google Business Profile. Think of them as your business’s micro-billboards on Google that:

  • Link to events, promotions, or significant updates
  • Increase your visibility directly on Google
  • Engage with the audience when they are searching for related information

Google Posts, a feature of Google Services, have the potential to boost your business’s visibility in search results, highlighting their value. They can:

  • Engage interest
  • Establish local authority
  • Direct users to your website
  • Increase the likelihood of conversions and customer satisfaction
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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Google Posts

Setting Up Your Google Business Profile Account

Setting up your Google Business Profile is your first step towards creating impactful Google Posts. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the official Google Business Profile page and sign in with your personal Google account.
  2. Input your business name and category as primary information for your profile.
  3. Upon verification, manage your Google Business Profile by adding contact information such as a phone number and website URL.

Remember, local businesses that deal with customers in person, even without a physical storefront, are eligible to manage a Google Business Profile, create a Google Business Account, and set their business hours through a business listing. Managing your business online is essential for reaching more customers and staying competitive. Don’t forget to optimize your business page and include business photos.

Navigating the Google Posts Interface

Navigating the Google Posts interface is simple and intuitive. Log in to your Google My Business dashboard and click on ‘Posts’ in the navigation menu. Once there, you can add elements to your post such as photos, videos, text, events, offers, or a button, by tapping on the respective choices and entering the required information for each element.

To publish your post, tap ‘Publish’ in the top right corner, or ‘Preview’ to see a preview of your changes.

Creating Compelling Google Posts

If you have no clue where to start when it comes to creating a successful Google post, follow the steps our digital markets have outlined.

Monitoring and Analyzing Google Posts Performance

After your Google Posts go live, monitoring and analyzing their performance becomes essential. By analyzing the “searches” metric in Google My Business Insights, you can reveal the queries people used to find your business, which can be instrumental in understanding how customers are discovering your business through Google.

Troubleshooting Common Google Posts Issues

As with any digital tool, Google Posts may experience issues. Common issues include:

  1. Post Rejection or Removal: Google’s strict content policies may lead to post rejection or removal if they contain prohibited content, such as spam, off-topic content, or offensive material. Industries like lodging/hotels have specific limitations on using Google Posts, and certain elements that can be found elsewhere on the listing, like phone numbers or addresses, can lead to automatic post rejection. If your post is removed or rejected, remember to review the content guidelines, edit the post to comply, and then resubmit it for approval.
  2. Limited Visibility: Limited visibility of Google Posts can be due to various factors. Google’s local ranking for business profiles, which directly impacts visibility, is based on relevance, distance, and prominence. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the business information on your Google Business Profile can help improve visibility in local search results. Also, verified locations are more likely to appear in Google Maps searches, contributing to the overall visibility of your Google Posts.
  3. Technical Difficulties: Technical glitches or issues with the Google Profile can lead to difficulties with Google Posts. When encountering such issues, searching for or starting a discussion about Google Posts issues on the Local Search Forum or Twitter can provide community-driven solutions. If the problems persist, the Google Business Profile Help Community, managed by volunteers with Google Business Profile expertise, can be a resource for resolving Google Posts issues.

Integrating Google Posts into Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating Google Posts into your marketing strategy can greatly enhance your online presence. Google Posts offers a platform to showcase business uniqueness and foster customer relationships. Businesses can use Google Posts to feature specific aspects such as testimonials, case studies, or awards.


Maximizing the reach of your Google Posts can be achieved by promoting them on social media platforms, and guiding traffic towards your Google Business Profile. Including highlights or teasers of Google Posts in email newsletters can engage your email subscribers with the latest company updates and drive traffic to your Google Business Profile. Also, consider collaborating with complementary brands to cross-promote each other’s Google Posts, expanding your customer base.

Consistency and Scheduling

Consistency and scheduling in your Google Posts are essential for keeping customers informed and engaged. Publishing updates, offers, and events frequently on Google Posts is essential. Also, align your Google Posts with your overall marketing calendar to ensure content is both relevant and delivered at the appropriate time.

Measuring ROI

Evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of your Google Posts is crucial for determining their profitability and refining your marketing strategies. Apply the basic ROI formula to gauge the financial success of your Google Posts. Determine your Google Posts’ profitability by calculating the ROI.

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Rank Higher in Your Local Google Search Results

Google Posts are an essential tool in your digital marketing arsenal, offering numerous benefits for businesses. Remember, the key to successful Google Posts lies in their relevance, engagement, and ability to continually optimize them based on data-driven insights.

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