Your Monday Morning Must Reads — June 24, 2019


David G. Hochberg, DDS, “Getting Started with Anterior Implant Placement

When placing implants in the esthetic zone, it is important to understand and manage your patients’ expectations. I always tell patients that all restorations in the anterior are difficult — whether implant or traditional crown & bridge — due to challenges with matching the shade and characterization of adjacent teeth. I suggest letting patients know that the restoration will look great, but when they look at it very closely, they may notice a difference. It’s also a good idea to begin with patients who have been part of your practice for some time, as the rapport that you have developed with them often makes it easier to comprehend and meet their expectations.

Molly McLaughlin, “Instagram Ruined Travel. A New Generation of Influencers is Trying to Fix It

Average social media users are feeling the pressure to visit the same hotspots as their favorite influencers and replicate that sun-drenched, pastel aesthetic in return for validation in the form of likes and followers. For many travelers, the quest for the most Insta-friendly photo often wins out over exploring a city on their own terms.

To make matters worse, travel media, on Instagram and more generally, has traditionally been dominated by wealthy white people with little knowledge of the places and cultures they’re posting about. This results in misinformation about a country’s people and history, and disrespectful interactions passed off as ‘authentic’ experiences.

Ben Jones, “Machine Learning is Like Having a Billion Extra Interns, Not One Einstein, to Make Effective Ads

Think of it like this: Using machine learning is like having a billion interns working for you, not a single Einstein coming up with the perfect solution. You have to figure out how to use them, which requires assigning them tasks and translating their output into something useful. Without you, the interns would be lost.

Rather than belabor the industry debate of creativity versus technology, I think we creatives are better off figuring out how to guide the interns. When we harness machine learning’s ability, we’ll make better, more relevant, and more effective ads.

Print ad by Guarda (Chuva) for Ecoverde, a pet health insurance company.

Mark Irvine, “Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry

Wordstream updated their well-known industry benchmarks resource for 2019.

Overall healthcare industry benchmarks, according to their data:

  • Avg. click-thru rate, search (CTR): 3.27%
  • Avg. click-thru rate, display: 0.59%
  • Avg. cost per click, search (CPC): $2.62
  • Avg. cost per click, display: $0.63
  • Avg. conversion rate, search (CR): 3.36%
  • Avg. coversion rate, display: 0.82%
  • Avg. cost per lead/action, search (CPL/CPA): $78.09
  • Avg. cost per lead/action, display: $72.58

Barry Schwartz, “Google Testing Knowledge Panels Without Attribution

Thought Google was already monetizing your content? Well, now it may start doing it without giving you credit. On the other hand, if this were to take wider effect websites won’t be disproportionately favored by gaining knowledge panel positioning early, even if they aren’t the best answer.

Time to Build a New Website?

Have a website that doesn’t meet Google’s standards and is, overall, an asset you’re not happy with? Start from scratch and build something unique, says Google’s John Mueller.

Not happy with your website? Sign up for a free, comprehensive website audit that you can take to your current marketing partners.

Chadd Powell, “Facebook Relevancy Score: One Metric Becomes 3

Facebook got rid of their their relevancy score, but replaced it with three better metrics: quality ranking, engagement rate ranking, and conversion rate ranking.

Why is this good news? The three new metrics offer a much deeper understanding of why an ad is performing the way it is, offering more specific guidance on where improvements can be made.

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