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Google I/O 2024: New AI Features Have Landed

Google I/O 2024 delivered a wave of exciting announcements, but one stole the show: the new AI Overviews feature for Google Search. This innovation, powered by Google’s latest AI model, Gemini, promises to revolutionize how we interact with information online.

While Google has certainly teased new search experiences with AI in the past, this one is coming sooner than you may think. The rollout for AI Overview is starting this week in the US, with global expansion coming soon.

What Is AI Overview?

Google’s AI Overview is an advanced feature powered by the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). Its goal is to deliver concise, contextually accurate summaries of web pages, articles, and documents. This feature is designed to help users quickly grasp the essence of the content without having to wade through long texts, supposedly saving time and enhancing productivity.

Traditionally, search results presented a set of blue links. With the new AI Overview, users may see a concise summary explaining a concept or answering a question. However, it will go beyond simple summaries. For instance, a search on “cancer treatment” might not only explain different options but also explore how these treatments interact with the body on a cellular level, thanks to Gemini’s understanding of biological processes.

Included in Google’s AI-powered search experience is:

  • Multi-step reasoning to handle complex queries with nuances
  • Adjustable overviews to provide more detail or simply the language
  • Built-in planning capabilities for tasks like meal prep and planning vacations
  • AI-organized search result pages to explore ideas
  • Visual searches through uploaded images and videos
new Google AI Overviews


Google says that users won’t see AI Overviews for all searches. AI Overview is reserved to answer the more complex queries where Google feels it can add value beyond classic search results.

Google Search Console Data

Google will begin reporting the AI Overview impressions and clicks in its reporting. However, it won’t the AI Overviews data won’t be distinguished from those generated through traditional search.

Opt-Out Option

Since AI Overviews is a search feature, the only way to opt your website out of showing up in these results is through normal search controls. Essentially, blocking your website from showing up completely in Google’s searches. If you’re looking for more information, Google has created a help document.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will continue to show up in search results alongside the new AI Overviews.


What Next? Optimizing Your Website for the New Search Experience

While AI Overviews are brand-new, SEOs and marketers alike know that Google has been planning to integrate AI into search for over a year. Here’s our advice on optimizing your site for the new AI Overviews:

  • Comprehensive Topic Explanation
      • Since AI Overviews provide detailed summaries of complex queries, create comprehensive content for your topic. No detail is too small!
      • This will allow your content to be a valuable resource for the AI to draw from.
  • Leverage Q&A Platforms
      • The goal of AI Overviews is to provide users with the most valuable information. Your goal for content should be to be an expert in your industry. Optimize your content for platforms like Quora or other forums specific to your niche.
      • Providing insightful answers to user questions on these platforms may increase your visibility in the AI Overviews.
  • Don’t Neglect Tried-and-True Strategies
    • User experience should still be your number one priority. While your content should be optimized for search results, it should also provide users with what they’re looking for. Users should always come first.
    • Don’t forget about technical SEO. Your website should still function as best as it can; that way, Google can crawl your web pages and understand your content.

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