Your Monday Morning Must Reads — July 15, 2019


John McAlpin, “SEO Checklist to the Perfect Location Page

Remember the old days, when ranking for different localities came down to keyword stuffing?

No longer, writes John McAlpin.

Google has changed quite a bit over the years, with location playing a greater role than ever and new systems of knowing exactly where your business is and which customers it can service best.

John shares 10 factors that make the difference when it comes to ranking a location page.

Britney Muller, “How to Target Featured Snippet Opportunities

Granted, Google is changing the way featured snippets work, including even removing the link referencing the source of the content used for the snippet.

Still, featured snippets are fantastic real estate for any website, giving it more visibility than any other organic position on the SERP.

Britney Muller provides a fantastic resource on capturing these spots.

Your weekly advertising inspiration…

Barry Schwartz, “Most SEOs Say Site UX Can Impact Your Google Rankings

Years ago, SEO versus UX (user experience) was a debate.

I always thought it somewhat misguided because, at the end of the day, the purpose of a website is to serve the user and the purpose of SEO is to bring users to the website — what use is it to think of them as competitors rather than complementary factors?

Barry Schwartz shares poll data that confirms my opinion, “94% of SEOs believe UX is somewhat related to rankings. 40% said it was a direct ranking factor…”

Mike Matta, “A Different Way to Think About PPC Ad Copy

Google’s AI is getting better, not just for better search results but also for better advertisements. This is changing how Google ad specialists should think about writing their ads, writes Mike Matta.

Something that stands out to me is Mike’s emphasis on focusing on themes rather than small, minute changes to ad copy. That is, rather than optimizing a specific message, testing the soul of the message can produce better results.

I fully agree and think this has been true for some time.

Larry Elliot, “Donald Trump Claims Trade War is Working as China’s Economy Slows

We buy less from China post-tariffs, but now China buys much less from us too.

The trade war is starting to take effect, at least it is on the Chinese economy. China’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in almost three decades, a big development that is likely to shape the future of our trade conflict.

Of course, the trade deficit with China has grown after the tariffs. Not because we import the same, but because we now export a lot less.

And, as much of a slow down in growth this may be for China, their economy still grew at 6.2% last quarter.

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