Short-term and Long-term PPC Expectations

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Get Immediate Results and Lasting Value from Your PPC Campaigns

For brands investing in PPC, common friction can arise — aggressively driving conversions today often compromises brand building for tomorrow. At Now Media Group, our digital marketing team empowers advertisers to escape this tradeoff and optimize their spending for immediate ROI and lasting brand growth.

By evaluating the right success metrics and leveraging tools with a nuanced view, you can create PPC campaigns that capture motivated searchers while gaining brand awareness, remarketing capabilities, and data that pays dividends for years. The key lies in balancing conversion performance with brand building from the start.

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Short-Term PPC Expectations

When you first launch a PPC campaign, it will take a bit of time for your ads to gain traction. In the first few weeks, expect to:

  • Run A/B tests on ad copy to identify what messaging resonates best. This is crucial for driving click-through and conversion rates up over time.
  • Accumulate some initial data and analytics. You’ll want to track metrics like impressions, clicks, costs, and conversion rates to optimize over time.
  • Make frequent optimizations. Based on data and testing, you’ll tweak bids, targets, and creativity to improve performance. Expect daily changes initially.
  • See an initial spike or dip in performance. Many see a strong start as their ads are new and fresh, while some see low traction until optimizations kick in.

Long-Term Expectationsdata analytics

Over the long haul, here’s what you can expect from PPC campaigns:

  • A gradual reduction in cost-per-click rates as the relevancy score improves. Google rewards well-performing ads with reduced rates over time.
  • Lift in conversion rates as you identify high-converting target audiences. Improving conversion rates allows you to scale spending more aggressively.
  • Continued optimization and testing to account for changes in market conditions and search behavior. You need ongoing oversight to stay ahead.
  • Opportunity to scale budgets up considerably in a sustainable way. As performance improves, you can justify incrementally larger budgets to drive more revenue.
  • Consistent and growing revenue and ROI generation from PPC traffic, assuming things are managed well. Top campaigns make back 5-10X what they spend on ads.

Driving Immediate Conversions

One of the best aspects of PPC advertising is the ability to drive conversions right away. With the right targeting settings, compelling ad copy, and aggressive bids, you can get your ads in front of motivated searchers and send traffic to targeted landing pages optimized for conversions.

And because you have so much control in real-time, PPC delivers flexibility unmatched by other channels. You can rapidly adjust bids, targets, ad copy, and landing pages until you maximize performance. This makes PPC ideal for short-term goals — whether you want traffic surges during promotions or need scaling to test demand.

Contributing to Lasting Objectives

While delivering immediate results, savvy advertisers also harness PPC’s lasting impact by building their brand, remarketing to past visitors, gaining customer insights, and more. Carefully managed PPC builds brand awareness and intent-driven searches over time. And you can cost-effectively test new terms that align with evolving business goals.

Balancing Your PPC InvestmentsPPC Promotions

The most successful advertisers balance aggressive short-term performance with lasting brand and remarketing efforts:

  • Leverage rules and automation for ROI, but consistently review search terms reports manually looking for incremental optimization opportunities.
  • Rather than last-click attribution, take a more nuanced view by crediting PPC for its influence across conversion paths using data-driven attribution like time decay or position-based modeling.
  • Set targets and rigorous benchmarks for immediate conversions from paid search, but also measure light-funnel metrics like brand searches or email list signups to quantify lasting impact.

Treat PPC as an Always-On Contributor to Growth

The most successful advertisers don’t solely measure PPC by today’s conversions. They quantify website traffic, brand searches, remarketing audience reach, email capture, and downstream revenue. With rigorous tracking and attribution, you can demonstrate PPC’s true business value and fuel data-driven decision-making.

Approach PPC as always-on campaigns that enable performance marketing wins and brand building for lasting organic growth. Maintain that balanced perspective, and your PPC campaigns will contribute to immediate and long-term business success.

Why Choose Now Media Group?man sitting in front of a computer drinking from a coffee mug.

When it comes to expert PPC management, you want a specialist focused solely on driving new patients to your practice. Now Media Group gives our clients a dedicated partner with proven pay-per-click expertise.

Here are five key reasons to choose our team for your PPC advertising:

  • Customized Campaigns: We tailor every PPC detail to your business and location rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach. From targeted keywords to compelling ad copy, we optimize for your unique situation.
  • Focused on Conversions: Simply driving clicks is easy — but converting those clicks into conversions requires a thoughtful strategy. Our team analyzes the key metrics to maximize the ROI of your ad spend.
  • Results-Driven Tracking: Powerful analytics provide insight into what keyword terms and PPC elements work best. We demonstrate the value of your investment with regular performance reports.
  • Scaling for Growth: Whether you’re focused on selling products or want steady growth for years to come, we scale your PPC budget to achieve your expansion goals.
  • Dedicated Communication: Questions or want to discuss new promotions? You get reliable access from your account manager for updates and adjustments, keeping your vision aligned.

Get strategic, specialized PPC management driving patients to your dental office. Contact Now Media Group at (858) 333-8950 to get a free strategy call!

Optimizing PPC for Sustainable Success

Achieving peak performance from your PPC requires balancing immediate conversions with lasting brand building. With over a decade of expertise optimizing for both short-term ROI and long-term growth, Now Media Group leverages full-funnel analytics and cross-channel solutions to help brands structure campaigns that deliver quick wins while also strengthening brand positioning over time.

If you’re looking to get more from your ad spend, our digital marketing strategists are ready to help. Contact Now Media Group today at (858) 333-8950 to learn how our results-driven PPC management can increase conversion rates now while contributing to sustainable success in the future.

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