The Quick-Start Guide to Dental Content Marketing


Grow Your Practice With Our Dental Marketing Guide

You went to dental school to learn how to improve patients’ smiles, not how to create viral social media posts or a top-ranking website. But marketing your services and dental practice is critical to running a thriving business these days. At Now Media Group, a full-service marketing agency, we help dentists think strategically about content marketing to establish authority and attract new patients online.

Content marketing leverages educational content to attract and retain patients instead of traditional ads. By consistently publishing valuable content, you build trust and credibility. Call (858) 333-8950 to schedule your free consultation with Now Media Group and start growing your practice.

Start By Setting Your Goals

analysis of SEO effortsWhen it comes to digital marketing, the first step you need to take is to determine what you want to achieve from your marketing so you can track the results. Do you want to increase new patients from online leads? Improve your Google search ranking? Boost patient loyalty and retention? You need to establish clear KPIs (key performance indicators) to steer your strategy.

Audit Any Existing Content

If you don’t know how well your current content is performing, then you have no baseline to go off for improving its performance. Take stock of blog posts, videos, FAQs, and other materials on your current website and look at how they’re helping website traffic. Anything outdated or thinly researched should get cute. Identify content gaps to inform topics for new materials. Recently added new cosmetic services? Be sure you have detailed information catered to potential new leads.

Claim Your Online Profiles

Thoroughly complete and optimize profiles on websites like Google My Business, Healthgrades, and Yelp. Profiles with vibrant imagery and detailed service information build trust and authority with prospective patients browsing online. Don’t forget to include the correct details, like your office hours, so your patients have up-to-date information and don’t get frustrated with incorrect information.

Blog (the Right Way)

Launching a blog shows search engines and patients that you publish helpful dental content. But quality over quantity is key. Aim for two or three well-researched blog posts per month instead of thin content published weekly. Answer common patient questions, cover dental health topics, and highlight your services and expertise. And remember, conversational writing keeps readers engaged.

Create Video Content

Video content can be incredibly effective at establishing your authority while showcasing your dental expertise. Share straightforward videos explaining common procedures or dental health issues. You may even create a virtual office tour video to help patients feel comfortable before even stepping foot in your practice. However, avoid overly promotional language, as the focus should be education-based. YouTube captions also help videos rank in Google searches.

Make Content Shareable

You’ll want to include social sharing buttons on all blog posts and videos so readers can easily share content. You want materials to spread organically on platforms like Facebook. Optimizing posts for sharing gives content more eyeballs and possible new patients.

Repurpose Across Platforms

Get more mileage from your content by repurposing it across platforms. Turn written blog posts into YouTube videos. Break videos into quote graphics for Instagram. Record podcast episodes discussing post topics. Smart repurposing boosts your reach.

Focus on SEO

All your amazing content won’t drive leads if potential patients can’t find it through search engines like Google. Optimize blog posts and videos using targeted keywords so people searching for questions related to your services reach your materials. Quality SEO takes time to impact rankings, but it pays off.

Promote Your Content

Just publishing content isn’t enough—you need to amplify it. Share links to your latest blog posts and videos across your social channels. Promote through email lists and patient newsletters. Consider running Google or Facebook Ads pointing to your best materials. Reach out to dental influencers to request shares as well. Promotion expands your reach.

Monitor Performance

Use Google Analytics to track metrics like website traffic and time spent reading blog posts. See which blog topics and videos generate the most engagement. Assess how rankings for target keywords improve over time. Analyzing performance data allows you to refine what content resonates most.

Ready for the Next Steps with Your Dental Content Marketing?

Looking for guidance on designing and executing a results-driven dental content marketing plan? Now Media Group offers tailored content solutions for dental practices ready to boost their authority and attract new patients. Schedule your consultation at (858) 333-8950 to explore how custom content can accelerate practice growth.

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