One Year of Topical Authority

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Does Topical Authority Really Work?

In 2023, our team of digital marketers set out to find a new strategy that would bring our clients higher website traffic and a better online presence. And we did just that and more with topical authority! In just over a year, we’ve reached unprecedented highs in website impressions and clicks. Our results were nothing short of truly spectacular, raising the bar for what we can do and accomplish.

Let’s cut to the chase, is your digital marketing company bringing you these kinds of results? Probably not. With Now Media Group, we’re working to help all clients achieve this type of success and more! But let’s not forget, this is not an overnight success. It can take a year or even longer to break records and achieve longevity.

Are you still doubting us? Check out our client case study, so you can see more unbelievable results and get an in-depth understanding of how we’ve created massive success for a local dental practice with topical authority.

Google search console impressions for Aesthetic Dental Associates

Results You Need to See to Believe

With over a year of hard work (yes, a year; great results take time), we’ve seen numbers that most dental practices have never achieved because of our approach with topical authority.

When we say topical authority, we’re referring to achieving a level of expertise and trustworthiness on a specific topic or subject area. Achieving topical authority means that search engines and users recognize our website as a go-to source for information on a particular topic. By creating content where each page served a purpose, Aesthetic Dental Associates started seeing upward movement within the first few months of our unique strategy. And one year later, the results are even better than we expected!

We started in March and saw gradual increases over the next few months. But by October, we were beating record highs every week in both impressions and clicks. We just surpassed the one-year mark and hit a record high of 708 clicks and over 80,000 impressions in a single day. That’s kind of insane, but also amazing for a local dental practice, don’t you think?

It wasn’t without hard work. Google likes to spice up the SEO world every few months with regular Core updates and helpful content updates—changing the algorithms: which can result in traffic increases, declines, or nothing at all. We kept this in mind and tailored our approach to best withstand these updates, and it worked! Google put out massive updates in August, October, and November of 2023, and as you can see below, it didn’t take us down.

Google search console clicks for Aesthetic Dental Associates

Let Now Media Group Set New Highs for Your Website!

Do you want to see numbers like the ones above—over 50,000 clicks and millions of impressions in 12 to 16 months? You won’t find that with another digital marketing company. We like to think outside of the box and try new strategies, and obviously, it works! Make Now Media Group your number-one choice for SEO services.

Contact our team today at (858) 333-8950 to request a free website audit and schedule your strategy call. We can’t wait to help you soar to the top of the search engine results pages.

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