Why You Should Use Google Search Console When Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Maximizing Your Impact with Google Search Console

When it comes to digital marketing for your business, understanding and harnessing the power of search engines is crucial for success. Google Search Console (GSC) emerges as an invaluable tool for digital marketers. GSC offers insights into website performance, identifies technical issues, and provides optimization opportunities.

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What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free essential tool from Google that gives website owners valuable insight into how their site performs in Google search results. By connecting Search Console with Google Analytics, you can better understand how people find and interact with your website. Using the data in Search Console as part of your digital marketing strategy planning can improve your search optimization efforts and maximize your website’s visibility and traffic in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Key Data Points to Use in Search Console

Indexed Pages

Indexed pages are an essential data point as they tell you how many of your site’s pages Google can fully access and add to their index, which directly impacts how findable your content is in search results. If your page isn’t indexed, it won’t appear in the search results. Knowing which pages get indexed or omitted can help you build your content strategy or make tweaks as needed to ensure all your pages get indexed by Google.

You can manually submit pages that were deemed not indexed for re-checking. This is a great tool to use after updating a page that didn’t get indexed previously.

Impressions and Clicksanalysis of SEO efforts

Impressions are the number of times your website URLs are seen by users in the search engines, whereas clicks are the number of times a user visits our website from a URL in the search results. These are essential to track to ensure your website is getting traffic.

Top Search Queries and Landing Pages

Seeing the specific search queries and landing pages responsible for sending traffic to your website reveals optimization opportunities in your on-page content and metadata. This allows you to better focus on key terms and content that performs well. Analyzing your top search queries enables you to see what’s performing the best and where you need to focus your attention next.

Backlinks Indexed

Search Console reports on links from outside domains pointing at your site, a key factor in ranking highly in the search results. Evaluating your backlink profile, including indexing issues, will help you piece together your link-building strategy.

Traffic by Country

Understanding where your website traffic originates by country can reveal opportunities to localize site content and better compete in underperforming geographies.

HTML Improvements

Search Console discovers site errors, blocked resources, and accessibility issues preventing Googlebot from crawling effectively. Technical barriers impact performance potential and must be addressed as soon as possible.

How Search Console Data Can Improve Your Marketing Strategywoman working on her laptop

The visibility Search Console provides into search crawler behavior and website performance should directly feed your optimization strategies and content decisions across channels. You can prioritize pages and content by opportunity by aligning with top-performing searches and pages that are driving conversions.

With search queries and click data, you can set performance benchmarks to monitor campaigns. Comparing your search impressions and rankings against competitors appearing for the same keywords shows where you can gain ground or maintain positioning.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to register your website early means you missed establishing an optimization baseline. You should also avoid overoptimizing for long-tail queries with negligible search volume versus topics driving business. Perhaps most critically, leaving crawling errors and blocked resources unaddressed neuters the reach Google can provide through missed indexing and ranking opportunities.

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