Facebook: A Marketing Opportunity You Can’t Miss



If you haven’t already read Shareaholic’s latest Social Media Traffic Report, there are two main takeaways to be aware of:

  • Social media drives about a third of all traffic to websites, up from nearly a quarter from 2013.
  • Facebook is responsible for around a quarter of all social media traffic to websites.

What does this mean for your business or practice? It means that Facebook is the leading social media platform and that the company is offering you a wonderful opportunity to market your business to a large group of prospective patients, customers, or clients. Best of all, using Facebook as a marketing tool is inexpensive and effective.

Why You Should Pay for Facebook’s Targeted Ads

Facebook stands head and shoulders above other social media networks in terms of reach, and has continued to grow even when the majority of others have simultaneously shrunk in size. Here is the hard data:


Facebook is responsible for more referral traffic than the next seven networks combined. Not only do they have a larger user base than any other social network, but they are more successful at garnering the engagement of their active users.

What’s more is that Facebook puts this traffic within your grasp by offering an effective, efficient way of marketing your services and products to the subset of users most likely to buy from you: the Facebook ad. Why invest in paid advertisement on Facebook? Consider the following:

It’s inexpensive: The minimum spending requirement is $1 per day. For only 25 cents, you can reach about 1,000 people on Facebook. This compares favorably to the $2.75 you’d have to pay Google AdWords for the same reach.



You can target a specific audience: Facebook allows you to target the group of users most likely to be interested in your service or product. You can narrow your audience down based on a variety of factors, including age, geography, language, gender, workplace, interests, and more. No matter how you slice and dice your target audience, your reach will almost always be substantial, since Facebook has been the most successful social media platform at attracting users across all demographic categories.


Performance tracking: Facebook has made it easy to track the performance of your ad campaigns. Facebook’s Ad Manager dashboard makes all the data accessible by delivering you the numbers you care about most: how many people you reached, how many of these took action by clicking on the ad, and how much each action cost you. You can also take the level of analysis deeper, adding a simple code to your website to measure how many conversions — phone calls, emails, subscriptions, et cetera — the ad earned you and how much each conversion cost.;

Facebook is a Marketing Opportunity You Must Take Advantage Of

Facebook has a gargantuan user base that spreads across many different demographics, and with paid advertisement you can reach this audience at low cost — a much lower cost than most other major advertising channels. If you’re not tapping into this resource, you’re losing an opportunity of earning your business greater exposure, narrowing the pool from which you’re attracting new patients or customers. Have any questions? Leave a comment below or contact us at Now Media Group, we’re more than happy to help: 858-333-8950.

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