Is your Content Failing? Here’s Why You NEED to Work with Your Marketing Team!


Content is everywhere.

What makes your law content superior to your competition?

You have it, your rivals have it, and almost anyone who wants to reap the benefits of digital marketing has it. But the more important question isn’t who’s using content – it’s how does your content stand out and what is it actually doing for your law firm?

Is it offering unique insights that your prospective clients can leverage? Is it on topics that speak to your professional community?

The Potential of Quality Content

Why do you use content in the first place? When well done, content contributes a lot towards your marketing plan. High-quality content can provide value for your law firm in the following ways:

  • Establish yourself as the local authority in your industry
  • Increase brand recognition and awareness
  • Build a loyal readership of potential clients
  • Have clients consider your business because they saw your blogs
  • Increase traffic to your website

Clearly, the advantages of blogging for your law firm, widely known as “blawging” are significant. To avoid creating content for your law firm is to skip out on all the marketing benefits that come with it.

YOUR Insight is Unique and Why it Matters —
The Twofold Path to Successful Content

Even if you’ve written the best content in the entire world, it still has to be promoted. Well-written blogs that never get seen are a dime-a-dozen, and there are many ways to get the exposure your content needs. But the fact is, the more involved you’re willing to be, the better results you’ll see from your content.

Content that gets results must not only be of top quality, but it also has to reach the right people and it has to grab them by offering them a piece of information they can’t get anywhere else.

Let’s break it down:

The First Part – Quality of Content

For content to generate any degree of traction in terms of ranking, it must be outstanding.

What does this really mean?

Content must not only be written in an engaging way, but it ought to provide some form of value to the client. This can be an engaging blog that is ripe with humor, a compelling story, or a truly valuable piece of information, but there’s one thing that makes this type of content more engaging than that of your competitors.

Your expertise and your unique interpretation.

But that’s what I hire marketing writers for isn’t it? Yes and no. Let’s explore what a marketing writer does and what only you can provide.

What Your Marketing Team Does

An excellent content writer will research your business, industry, and your competitive market. They’ll write content that is powerful and engaging. That content will be optimized for specific keywords and will be created with a very specific purpose, whether that’s to earn you a lead or to earn you a link (to improve your organic rankings).

A skilled content writer is aware of where their readers are in the sales process and will work to speak to them from that unique perspective. Their skills are in marketing you.

So how can you help?

How Can You Work with Your Marketer to Boost the Quality of Content?

You spend every day, day-in and day-out, head-down in your work and your industry. You know your specialty like the back of your hand. In fact, you know so much that you can take complex ideas and explain them to the layman.

That is the secret of effective content.

Your marketing writer is an expert in her field. She knows how to optimize for search, she knows how to write in a way that appeals to the reader, but she’s not a lawyer and she doesn’t have nearly the same amount of experience that you do in that field. The writer can’t provide the same insight you can.

What if we could pair these two worlds together?

What if you, the lawyer, provided the insight and the marketer focused on translating that insight in a way that speaks to the bottom line of your business? What’s the result?

Outstanding content.

How can you provide this insight? Well, what kind of knowledge do you have that would be remarkably useful to your clientele?

You know the law and the process like the back of your hand. What you know about the subject is incomparable to what a non-expert knows. Use that comparative advantage to offer insightful and useful advice that you can’t find elsewhere.

How can you deliver that insight to your marketing team so that they can leverage it?

One solution is to give your marketing team notes that they can use to write around. The advantage of this approach is that it allows your marketers to apply their own comparative advantage, which is writing in a way that resonates with your audience and gets the most out of the value your insight offers.

A second solution is, if you like to write, to write it yourself, and let your team focus on editing and promotion.

Speaking of promotion, let’s talk about that a little more…

The Second Part – Effective Promotion of Content

You can draft the most compelling blog about the most popular topic ever, but if you don’t know how to promote it, it will go unseen. Marketing your content is absolutely necessary for gaining the exposure you need to boost brand recognition, establish your authority as a local industry leader, and attract new clients.

How Your Marketing Team Does Promotion – When Client Assistance is Unavailable

When your marketing team has content to promote, whether it’s yours or created by us, there are a number of tools we use to get that content to as many readers as possible.

Social media is an excellent tool for marketing content, and we use all of the major communities that are relevant to you to gain exposure. Our approach is optimized over time to speak to your audience, meaning we’re actively testing to see what kind of message resonates the most loudly. And we don’t just leverage your own social media profiles, but local community pages and groups that are interested in the legal advice and services that you can provide.

Social is just one promotion outlet, of course. There’s also email outreach, where your article or blog is shared on a more individual and personalized level, allowing for a long-term relationship that helps to build a permanent audience for your ideas. Similar to social media, we are also active parts of online communities around your industry, allowing us to reach out to people through these mediums.

There are ways you can help promote your content, as well. Let’s take a look at these…

What Can You Do to Enhance the Promotion of Your Content?

Although the promotion phase is within the wheelhouse of your marketing team, there are still ways you can contribute to ensuring that your law firm’s content is reaching all the optimal channels. Your marketing team has a wide array of strategies at their disposal to put that content out there, but a little insight from you as the lawyer can pay off dividends.

Here’s why:

  • Your client information is crucial for knowing the demographics you serve.
  • You may be a member of important organizations that aren’t well known to us.
  • You might be involved in law groups and local clubs that can help.
  • Some specific credential or specialization you have could enhance their marketing efforts.
  • What makes you stand out from other lawyers with similar fields of expertise?

Expert Marketers are Not Lawyers

As many skills, tools, and talents that your marketing team has, ultimately, we aren’t lawyers. In the same way that you are an expert in law rather than SEO or pay-per-click, we aren’t experts in law. The extra details you can provide to your marketing team can enhance their ability to put your content in the optimal spots to inspire a response.

Whatever special qualities, accomplishments, and insights you offer as an individual lawyer can be deeply beneficial to marketing your business.

Invest in Your Marketing Team and They’ll get the Results You Need!

A skilled marketing team can make all the difference to your business, but ultimately you’re the one who’s consistently in-the-weeds and it’s you who knows your industry’s landscape the best. The content that speaks to people is genuine and delivers a strong message that inspires action in the process. By helping your marketing team with details that matter, you can contribute to making your content better, and more engaging.


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