6 Marketing Apps That Can Boost Your Law Business

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The real challenge with making a list of outstanding marketing apps is narrowing it down. From managing contacts to helping you brainstorm ideas, there are dozens of ways that business apps help lawyers and entrepreneurs get ahead. In an age where digital marketing can make the difference between 10 clients and 1000, every tool offers an opportunity to boost your business.

Prioritizing The Best Marketing Apps

There are so many valuable business apps that your phone will only hold a fraction of them, so you may have to prioritize the areas where you need help most. For lawyers who are new to digital marketing, apps like Intercom can streamline much of the process for you.

If you’ve known the importance of content marketing for years now, then Boomerang is an app that lets you schedule your marketing emails. Whichever small tasks bring you the most headache, odds are there are apps that can alleviate your tedium, and assist you in creating an effective marketing plan.

ScanBizCards HD Lite

Remember the days where a networking event would result in piles of random business cards? Those business cards are still commonly used in 2017 but the methods of organizing them have greatly improved. ScanBizCards HD Lite is an app that scans these cards almost instantly into your phone.

Once in your phone, the giver’s name and information are saved into your address book as a contact. Networking is a key part of marketing and connecting with potential clients, and the ScanBizCards HD Lite app provides numerous features that make the process easier.

Movable Ink

Arguably the most crucial part of a strong SEO marketing plan is consistent, high-quality content. Providing strong, relevant content for your clients serves a purpose, whether it’s to inform or entertain. Movable Ink is an app built with the importance of content in mind.

If your marketing emails are outdated, your clients are probably sending them to their spam box as your credibility deteriorates. Prevent this by keeping your email content fresh, effective and targeted towards your goals. Movable Ink makes that process easier than ever, allowing you to select parts of your website and combine them into an engaging and attractive email. If you use marketing emails at your law office, then Movable Ink is an app that can save you tons of time and stress.


Intercom is an app that uses a variety of innovative features to help you connect with clients. One key example is that it allows you to chat with visitors to your website. Touting a 4-point plan of acquiring, engaging, educating and resolving issues with clients, Intercom includes a variety of tools to boost your effectiveness at reaching customers.

Blindly targeting mass groups with your message can work for some companies, but many businesses don’t want to reach just any type of client. They want to reach the right clients. Targeting the right clientele is another area in which Intercom excels. With specifically targeted automated messages, it’s easier than ever to get your message to those who need it most.

Slide Rocket

For many lawyers, presentations are a core part of their job. Presentations can be a powerful marketing tool to those who know how and where to use them. Slide Rocket is a valuable tool for compiling, sharing and organizing the presentations that matter to your law firm.

Among the advantages provided by Slide Rocket are dynamic presentations, access from anywhere and the ability to share slides and presentations with co-workers. If presentations are a major part of your business and you want to take them to the next level, Slide Rocket is available for iPhones and any device with internet access.


Ever get tired of emailing clients that never seem to respond? Download Boomerang on your smartphone or Outlook, and start drafting emails that get results. Boomerang will show how likely your email is to receive a response based on a list of criteria. These are some of the factors the app measures within your emails before they’re sent:

  • Subject length
  • Word length
  • Question count
  • Reading level
  • Positivity
  • Politeness
  • Subjectivity

Pioneering the field of email productivity software, Boomerang is an app that’s ideal for boosting the response rate of your emails. Whether your emails have been too heavy on questions or just a little on the long side, Boomerang will ensure that your time and effort isn’t wasted on unread emails.

Social Engage

Social Engage is an app that vastly enhances your social media marketing potential. Rather than basic Facebook marketing campaigns that look like the competition’s, Social Engage lets you customize dynamic ads for use on social media. While a lot of companies advertise on social media, many ads made for social platforms miss the mark, coming off as untargeted and forgettable.

With Social Engage, your ads are laser focused on getting results. From modifying your sales funnel to hosting contests on social media, this app is an absolute must if you plan to advertise on Facebook. Packing a lot of marketing advantages for any lawyer who uses it, the Social Engage app lets you reach more people while clearly showing results in the process.

Call Now Media Group To Enhance Your Marketing Plan

Many business apps are available to help execute your marketing plan, but it will take more than that to get the clients you want. If your marketing needs a tangible boost, the professionals at Now Media Group can help. Using the latest tools in SEO, pay-per-click marketing and top quality content, we can provide the clients you want and results you’ll notice. Contact us about designing a fully-optimized website for your law firm or about taking your marketing campaign to the next level.



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