Building Trust By Showing Up Authentically on Social Media

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The Importance of Authenticity and Values in Social Content

Dentists should view social media platforms as more than just marketing channels. Your online community can become your practice’s best advocate for attracting ideal patients. According to marketing expert Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle theory, brands that convey a clear “why” behind what they do inspire far more trust and loyalty than those simply stating “what” they do or “how” they do it.

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Tips For Creating Authentic Content

Share Your Purpose and Values

Convey the vision behind your practice in your content. Demonstrate through images and words how you help patients achieve healthier, more confident lives. This builds familiarity and goodwill. Share aspects of your personal dentistry journey, like what initially made you passionate about the field. Highlight the causes your practice supports related to community health and wellness.

Post-Relatable Day-in-the-Life Content

Let patients in behind the scenes to humanize your practice. Capture photos throughout a typical day: prepping for a procedure, chatting with a patient in the exam room, reviewing x-rays. Show your team collaborating or pausing for a quick laugh. Share the little daily joys and challenges of running a practice grounded in care and education.

Spotlight Your Awesome Team

dentists looking at a laptopRecognize stand-out staff for embodying your practice values through excellent care. Ask them to share backstories of why they love working alongside you. This conveys that you prioritize nurturing talent and maintaining a supportive work culture — things patients care about.

Respond to Reviews and Patient Shares

If a patient posts on your page or shares an experience, always respond. Thank them publicly for their trust and feedback. Reviews and shares should be conversation starters to further demonstrate you listen and care.

Host Live Q&As

Go live on your business page to invite impromptu patient questions. Or poll followers beforehand on topics they’d like you to discuss, like common dental health myths. This real-time engagement makes you more approachable while helping educate.

Share Educational Content

Publish social content that informs, like quick tips for better brushing and flossing techniques. Create Instagram Reels explaining how certain procedures work or conditions develop. Fun facts about tooth enamel growth or the history of modern dental equipment make for lighter yet valuable posts.

Behind-the-Scenes Procedure Footage

Show glimpses into common procedures, like teeth impressions or temporary crown placements. Educate patients on what happens behind the closed dental room door to alleviate patient anxiety. Just advise viewers beforehand if the footage seems graphic.

Spotlight Patient Transformations

young teen on her phoneWith permission, highlight patient cases involving substantial quality-of-life improvements from your care. This builds authority while showing examples of real people you’ve helped and empowered.

Stay True to Your Voice

Stick to the image and messaging that best reflect the culture around your practice. Don’t emulate larger chains’ slick campaigns if that seems inauthentic. Have faith that being your genuine self is enough, no matter the polish or production value.

Invite Patients to Shape Content

Poll patients directly on the types of content they find valuable. Which topics or formats give them the most peace of mind and helpful education? Likewise, ask for suggestions on causes or community organizations your practice could support. Show that you rely on patient input.

Put Your “Why” Into Images

Rather than posting mainly informational graphics, incorporate more photos of patients smiling pre- and post-treatment alongside your team. Show the human emotions and connections behind dentistry. This ties to the “why” your practice exists — to help patients realize healthier, confident lifestyles.

Staying Visible While Respecting HIPAA

With patient privacy a top priority, obtain signed consent before posting any potentially identifiable images, videos, or reviews. For group patient photos meant to highlight your practice community, have subjects complete waivers permitting specific social media usage. Verbally explain and agree to take down any posted content immediately upon patient request.

Aim for Consistency Over Perfection

Post regularly instead of overthinking visual perfection. Followers value frequently updated images and messages that strengthen familiarity with your practice’s purpose-driven culture.

Partner With Now Media Group To Connect With Authenticity

Approach social media as an opportunity to authentically engage with patients as trusted advocates for improved confidence and care. Through images, video, and written content, demonstrate why your practice exists beyond providing technical services.

By showcasing not just what you do but why you do it, patients come to align with the purpose of your practice’s existence, the foundation for true loyalty. Create authentic content and demonstrate your values with Now Media Group. Schedule your consultation with our dental SEO marketing team today by calling (858) 333-8950.

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