Retargeting Ads: The Secret to Bringing Back Lost Patients

Targeted Marketing

Recapture Patient Interest With Retargeting Ads

Have you lost sleep worrying about all the potential patients who visited your dental website but didn’t book an appointment? Retargeting ads can pull those “almost” patients back in and boost your business.

Now Media Group, a top digital marketing firm in San Diego, CA, specializes in helping dentists like you grab customers’ attention using smart, eye-catching ads. Schedule your consultation with our digital marketing team by calling (858) 333-8950.

What are Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting ads are special online advertisements shown only to people who have already visited your website. These folks browsed your services but didn’t take action. Retargeting lets you put your ads in front of their eyeballs again as they surf the web. It’s like a friendly wave saying, “Hey there! Remember me?”

Why Retargeting Works

two woman looking at a laptop at their storeWhen someone new lands on your site, they might not be ready to commit immediately. Life gets busy, and they move on. But retargeting ads jog their memory about your practice, keeping you top-of-mind. These ads catch prospective patients’ eyes on other sites they visit, slowly building trust and interest in your dental care.

Types of Retargeting

There are a few main retargeting flavors to explore:

  • Site Retargeting: Ads pop up for anyone who has visited your website before.
  • List Retargeting: You retarget people whose email you already have in your database.
  • Search Retargeting: You reach users who looked online for services related to yours.

Now Media Group can recommend the right mix for your specific goals — call (858) 333-8950 to schedule your consultation.

Retargeting Pros & Cons

  • Pro: It’s ultra-targeted to warm leads who showed real interest. That boosts your conversion rates!
  • Pro: Retargeting ads tend to be cost-effective since they only show to qualified viewers.
  • Con: People may start feeling “stalked” if you overdo the frequency. Pacing is important.
  • Con: It can’t make uninterested people suddenly want your services.

Setting Up Retargeting

Getting started with retargeting takes some groundwork, but Now Media Group simplifies it:

  1. Install a tracking code on your site to “cookie” anonymous visitors.
  2. Choose eye-catching ad designs that click with your branding.
  3. Decide where you’ll run the ads across the Google Ads network.
  4. Set a retargeting window of 30 to 60 days for maximum effect.
  5. Launch and monitor your campaign’s performance metrics.

Retargeting Best Practices

To squeeze the most from your retargeting dollars, follow these tips:

  • Segment your audience to personalize ads as much as possible.
  • Test different ad designs, copy, and landing pages to refine your approach.
  • Use catchy visuals and concise copy to capture attention quickly.
  • Cap your frequency to avoid wearing out your welcome.
  • Nurture interested viewers with irresistible special offers.

Get Started With Now Media Group Today!

If patients are slipping through the cracks on your dental site, retargeting could be a lucrative lifeline. So don’t let those potential customers get away! Partner with Now Media Group to craft the perfect retargeting campaign, rekindling patient interest and scheduling more chairs in your practice.

Call (858) 333-8950 to schedule your website consultation. We look forward to helping dentists across the country grow their practices through online advertising!

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