When Merging Google Listings Goes Wrong

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When Merging Google Listings Goes Wrong

Accurately Addressing Google List Merging Errors

Does your dental practice have more than one Google My Business listing? This can be confusing for potential patients and harm your local SEO ranking. At Now Media Group, we specialize in helping dental practices like yours consolidate their online presence. Our team of some of the best digital marketers in California can safely merge your duplicate listings, recover lost data (if possible), and optimize your profile for maximum visibility in local search results.

Make sure that inaccurate or scattered Google listings don’t hold back your dental practice. Call Now Media Group today at (858) 333-8950 to get started on a stronger online presence!

What is Google My Business Listing Merging?

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business (GMB) listing merging is the process of combining duplicate listings for the same business into a single, optimized profile. This is crucial for local SEO because duplicate listings can confuse potential customers and dilute your online presence. Merging consolidates all your business information, reviews, and photos under one strong listing, boosting your local search ranking.

How Can Error Occur During GMB Merging?

GMB merging can go wrong for a few reasons:

  • Incomplete Information: If the merging process lacks sufficient verification or complete details from both listings, Google might not successfully transfer all data. This could lead to missing photos, posts, or even incorrect business information.
  • Technical Glitches: While uncommon, technical glitches during the merge can cause data loss or inconsistencies.
  • User Error: Accidental mistakes during the merge process, like selecting the wrong listing as the primary one, can lead to unintended consequences.

What Types of Errors Can Occur During GMB Merging?

Here are some specific errors you might encounter during GMB merging:

  • Missing Photos or Posts: Photos or Google Posts from one of the merged listings might not carry over to the new, combined profile.
  • Incorrect Business Information: Details like phone number, address, or website URL could be missing or inaccurate after the merge.
  • Ranking Drop: In some cases, the merged listing might experience a temporary dip in search ranking while Google re-evaluates the combined information.
  • Loss of Reviews: While rare, review data loss can occur during the merge process.

Addressing GMB Merging Errors

Guide to Google Search Console for dentists and small business.Encountering errors during GMB merging can be frustrating, but don’t panic! Here’s how to address common issues and get your listing back on track:

  • Missing Photos or Posts:
    • Check your old listing (if still accessible). You might download and re-upload the missing photos and posts to the merged listing.
    • If the old listing is unavailable, consider recreating the lost content.
  • Incorrect Business Information:
    • Log in to your GMB dashboard and locate the merged listing.
    • Carefully review all business details for accuracy.
    • Make any necessary edits to verify the information is complete and up-to-date.
  • Ranking Drop:
    • Be patient. Ranking fluctuations are normal after a merge. Google needs time to re-evaluate the combined listing.
    • Focus on ongoing SEO efforts like backlinking and content creation to strengthen your local SEO presence.
    • Monitor your ranking using local SEO tracking tools and adjust your strategy as needed.
  • Loss of Reviews:
    • Contact Google My Business support and explain the situation. They might be able to recover lost reviews in specific cases.
    • Encourage satisfied customers to leave new reviews on the merged listing to rebuild your review profile.

Now Media Group: Your Google Listing Partners

two woman looking at a laptop at their storeAt Now Media Group, we understand the importance of accurate and optimized Google My Business listings. Our team of local SEO specialists has extensive experience managing GMB listings and navigating the intricacies of merging them.

We can help you:

  • Identify and avoid potential merging errors
  • Safely merge your duplicate listings
  • Recover lost data after a merge (if possible)
  • Optimize your merged listing for improved local SEO

Contact Now Media Group today for a consultation and let us make your Google My Business listing a powerful asset for your local business.

Don’t Deal with the Hassle of Merges– Let Now Media Group Take the Reigns!

By partnering with Now Media Group, you can ensure your dental practice has a single, accurate, and optimized Google My Business listing.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact Now Media Group today at (858) 333-8950 and let our team of specialists help you unlock the full potential of your Google My Business listing. We’ll make sure your practice shines brightly in local search results, attracting new patients and driving your business forward.

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