Visual Storytelling: How to Use Images and Videos to Tell Your Brand’s Narrative


How Images and Videos Leave a Lasting Impression

Storytelling has changed in the digital age from being limited to written words on a page. The ability to tell stories using pictures and videos, or visual storytelling, is becoming essential to successful brand communication. Brands may attract audiences, arouse feelings, and leave a lasting impression by utilizing the power of images.

Now Media Group, a leading digital marketing agency based in San Diego, CA, understands the importance of visual storytelling in shaping brand narratives. We’ll go over the foundations of visual storytelling in this blog and offer helpful hints on how to use photos and videos to communicate the story of your company. To learn more about what we can do for your brand, call us at (858) 333-8950.

What Is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is the art of using images, videos, and other visual media to shape and convey powerful narratives about a brand. In digital marketing, visual storytelling allows brands to connect with audiences memorably. Visual content quickly captures consumer attention spans and spotlights what makes a brand unique.

Why Visuals Resonate with Audiencesglobal web

Scientific studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And up to 90 percent of all information captured by our brains is visual. Creative, well-crafted visual content taps into this innate human tendency and captures viewer attention rapidly by showing rather than telling stories.

Photos and videos allow audiences to feel connected and engaged with brands on a deeper, more emotional, and subconscious level by seeing tangible, authentic moments rather than faceless ad messages. Even simple yet eye-catching visual formats like infographics can convey meaning faster, with up to 12 times more social shares than text-only updates.

Real-Life Visual Storytelling Examples

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

This viral 2013 campaign from Dove spotlighted how women see themselves differently than how others perceive them. Emotional videos showed unscripted sketches of women by FBI forensic artists based on how the women described themselves versus a stranger’s perspective.

These authentic moments are closely tied to Dove’s long-standing brand messaging around redefining narrow beauty ideals. The Real Beauty Sketches presented this brand narrative in an impactful storytelling style through visual media alone, sparking deeper conversations globally.

Apple: Shot on iPhone

Apple’s ongoing Shot on iPhone campaign leverages striking iPhone photography and videos shot by everyday users. The consumer-generated visual content shows the iPhone camera’s image quality and video capabilities. Apple has sustained this iconic campaign since 2015 across billboards, social media, and TV ads by curating and spotlighting new sets of

The “Shot on iPhone” visuals are tied to new device launches. This long-running campaign creatively aligns with Apple’s brand image of prioritizing simplicity, aesthetic beauty, and “it just works” user experiences.

Always, #LikeAGirl

This 2014 viral campaign from feminine care brand Always aimed to turn the phrase “like a girl” into a positive affirmation rather than an insult through emotional storytelling videos. Their short film showed young girls, boys, and adults demonstrating what it means to run or fight #LikeAGirl.

This thought-provoking twist on a common idiom sparked global support and conversations around female empowerment – a crucial part of Always’s brand positioning. They leveraged visual media and a branded hashtag to convey their narrative.

Types of Visual Content for Brand Storytellinglaptop

Brands should leverage various visual content formats to bring different aspects of their company’s narrative to life. For example:

  • Photos: Showcase products in action through user-generated images or behind-the-scenes photos, giving audiences an insider’s perspective of corporate culture.
  • Short Films: Emotional brand films under two to three minutes using actors or animation to highlight company values through storytelling.
  • Educational Videos: Talking head videos and screen capture walkthroughs where company leaders explain crucial services, products, and industry topics.
  • Interactive Content: Quizzes, surveys, assessments, contests, and other interactive visual formats that immerse audiences into first-hand branded experiences.
  • Data Visualizations: Creative infographics, charts, and illustrated guides that communicate key company data, statistics, and industry trends to audiences more clearly.

Tips for Building a Consistent Yet Creative Brand Visual Narrative

Effective visual storytelling requires strategically developing branded visual content across teams. Analyze your company’s mission statement, slogan, font choices, logo design, color schemes, and overall identity for essential themes. What personality traits describe your brand? What key messages or emotions do you aim to convey visually to audiences?

Build upon these core visual branding pillars to craft a consistent yet creative narrative. For example, an innovative brand could showcase collaborations between contrasting departments or product development ideation processes using vivid imagery and videos. Or an establishment brand could blend classic photography formats with modern interactive content.

Allow diverse company perspectives to shape visual content while maintaining structured approval processes to ensure messaging alignments before launch. Empower passionate teams and employees to brainstorm visual concepts while keeping stakeholders aligned on content strategies.

Putting It All Together: A Visual Content Strategy

The most effective visual storytelling leverages data and strategy. Start by setting specific goals for what messages your brand conveys visually and what engagement metrics matter most. Audit existing visual assets, then develop a diverse content calendar that spotlights different parts of your brand narrative.

Photos one month, an animated video the next month, and an interactive quiz the following month. Promote top-performing visual content across your social media platforms. Continuously analyze performance data, then double down on the visual stories that most resonated with your target audiences.

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