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If there’s one thing Now Media Group is known for, it’s for our dental implant InfoSites, which help dentists dominate exclusive markets for specific, high-value services. By providing patients with comprehensive information on the treatment, the office, and the staff, our InfoSites have helped over two hundred clients grow the implant side of their dental practice by attracting new patients. They’ve been so successful that we’ve even expanded to InfoSites on treatments like sedation dentistry, porcelain veneers, and emergency dentistry.

As our client, your success is our number one priority. This isn’t a marketing pitch. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful. That’s why we put in a lot of work to make sure that your InfoSite has what it needs to compete in the targeted market, and this work doesn’t stop when the site is live. I can tell you that personally, because as head of our SEO department I’m the one who keeps the site optimized, oversees the blogging campaigns, and develops the link-building programs that make your site competitive on the SEO landscape.

But nothing is ever perfect and there’s always more work to be done. While we’ll keep doing what we can do on our end, there are always things you can do. For example, there are some things we don’t always have access to — like photos of your office and your staff —, but that would go great on your website. By providing us with these things, we can help make your site better and your practice more successful.

So, what are some of these things?

Put Your Beautiful Office on Display

Your practice is beautiful and you’re proud of it, so why not show it off to your patients? They want to see what your office looks like, because that speaks directly to their wants and needs. Helping patients see your office before they even come in can help them feel more comfortable when they do. They’ll know the space, and that familiarity will make them happier and more likely to contact you. And if you have a stunning office, your patients will associate it with the quality of your dental work.

If you have photographs of your practice, let us know! We’ll be more than happy to add them to your InfoSite. Note: Sometimes we can find images on your Facebook page, but these tend to be compressed and therefore don’t show up as well on the website. It’s better if you send the original photos.

To check out how great photos of your practice can look on your website, check out these dental implant infosites for Atlanta Dental Spa, in Atlanta, GA and Smile Perfection, in Tucson, AZ.

Validation is Key

Your website or InfoSite may offer a lot of information about you, your credentials, and your success, but without some type of validation the only option your patients have is to take your word for it. Of course, you have a Yelp, a Google My Business, and a Facebook — all of which (should) have reviews —, but why make your patients work for it? And why not show that praise off where it’s most likely to be seen?

Following this idea, one thing we’ve started to do on our InfoSites is replace stock imagery with testimonials. Take, for example, the ‘Testimonials’ page on Dr. Paul Caputo’s dental implant InfoSite. There used to be a stock photo where that testimonial is now. I exchanged it with the reasoning that, while the stock photo added nothing, the testimonial validates the patient’s motivation to contact the practice.

Validation is important, because ‘Testimonial’ pages can have high bounce rates, and it’s not unusual for someone to open it and then leave without filling out the form. That’s called a drop-off and it’s business that you missed out on. A testimonial can offer just another margin of motivation to follow through with the conversion, and that’s why we’ve started to do that on our InfoSites.

So, why are you needed for this? An image testimonial is great, but it could be better. We’ll, of course, continue to work on fleshing out the idea and its implementation, but what would be really awesome is if we had a video testimonial to put there — something that saves the patient from having to read it.

You don’t have any video testimonials or you’re not sure how to make one? No problem! All you really need is a tripod, a camera, and a nice back drop, and you can invite your patients to give testimonials when they’re in your office. And, please, never hesitate to call us for help, advice, or guidance. Remember, we work for you.

Show Off Your Work

‘Before and afters’ are as old as dental marketing itself, but you’d be surprised at how scarce they really can be. But ‘before and afters’ are important. They are proof of the quality of your work, evidence that you are the dentist the patient should work with.

Take a look at Dr. Andrew Currie’s smile gallery on his InfoSite. I’m not a dental professional, so I can only judge the quality of the work based on the difference between ‘before’ and ‘after.’ But this will be the case for all of your patients. All that matters to me (the patient) is that the doctor took an ugly, damaged smile and turned it into something spectacular.

Thanks to that smile gallery, I now know what results I can expect. That puts Dr. Currie in a position of advantage compared to all his competitors who don’t show off their work — I know he can give me the results I want, but I don’t know that for everyone else.

Blog About Your Success

One idea we’ve recently started to pursue at Now Media Group is to use our clients’ blog to publish case studies on those doctors’ patients. I don’t mean a simple ‘before and after,’ but a comprehensive study on the patient’s treatment. We start with explaining why the patient sought treatment, not only including the condition of their dental health, but also the emotional — human — reasons that motivated them to seek help. Then we cover the treatment and how the patient felt during that treatment. Finally, we look at the results and how these results improved, not just their smile and their dental health, but their quality of life, their happiness, and their self-confidence.

These case studies show off your work in more ways than a simple image can. It engages the emotions of the patient and it does so in a genuine way. You can also share them on social media, which brings attention to your blog and to your practice. And new patients can visit them when they land on your website, providing, in a sense, an in-depth testimonial that truly speaks to all of their needs.

We’d love to do this for you. But, we usually don’t have that type of information on hand. Our ability to showcase your work is limited to what you provide us and what’s readibly available online. Nonetheless, we’d love to sit down with you and have a discussion on what we need to make this happen.

Go Above and Beyond with Now Media Group

We want to make your InfoSites as nice and as effective as possible, and we work day-in and day-out to do just that. But, there are a few things we can’t do without your help. If you send us photos of your practice and your staff, video testimonials, ‘before and after’ pictures, and other things that we don’t have access to without you, we can use that to really take your InfoSite above and beyond the competition. So help us help you, and together we can dominate your local dental markets.

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