Five Areas to Focus Your Dental Website’s ‘Why’ Message


Center Your ‘Why’ Online

Your dental website is often the first impression potential patients have of your practice. Your site needs to communicate why you do what you do effectively—your purpose beyond profits. According to expert marketer Simon Sinek’s theory, leading with your “why” is key to building trust and loyalty.

When visitors understand your motivations and values upfront, they’ll be more inclined to choose you over competitors whose sites focus solely on services and pricing. You can partner with Now Media Group, a full-service digital marketing agency based in San Diego, CA, to create website content marketing campaigns that promote your ‘why.’

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Where to Promote Your ‘Why’

Feature Your Mission Statement Prominently

golden circleYour mission statement concisely encapsulates your motivations and vision. It should convey your passion for dentistry and commitment to patients. For example:

  • “Our mission at [Insert Practice Name] is to deliver unparalleled care that improves our patients’ oral and overall health. We aim to prevent disease, relieve pain, and boost confidence through our compassionate, individualized treatment.”

Display this statement front and center on your homepage, “About Us” page, and other key areas of your website where visitors look for information. Prominent positioning demonstrates its importance and your authentic intentions.

Dedicate a “Meet the Doctor” Page to Your Philosophy

In addition to your mission statement, provide details on your background and approach to dentistry. Share when you decided this was your calling, the mentors who influenced you, your advanced training, and why you find the work meaningful. You can also highlight aspects like your commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest advances and using cutting-edge technology. This page allows you to connect with visitors in an engaging, personal way that inspires confidence and trust.

Feature Photo Galleries Demonstrating Patient Relationships

doctor shaking patient's handA picture is worth a thousand words. Images showing genuine interactions with patients—smiling together, listening attentively, laughing, etc.—are powerful for conveying your “why.” Visitors will instantly perceive the caring, committed doctor-patient relationships you foster.

Similarly, pictures of patients who struggled with oral health and appearance before treatment and now have beautiful, healthy smiles demonstrate life-changing impacts. This motivates visitors to entrust you with their own oral health needs.

Include Video Testimonials Detailing Patient Experiences

Along with images, video testimonials directly from patients cultivate connection and trust. Viewers hear first-hand how you improved individuals’ oral and overall health, alleviated pain, boosted confidence, and more. The emotions and sincerity brought forth through videos are hard to replicate in writing.

Have patients describe in their own words how your caring approach and skills changed their lives. This brings your “why”—your passion for improving lives—to life better than any admirable mission statement could alone.

Showcase Community Outreach and Charitable Initiatives

Lastly, demonstrating your involvement with outreach programs, charity dental care, sponsoring youth sports teams, etc., cements your motivations. Supporting the community tangibly exhibits your desire to increase access to dental care and make a difference beyond your office walls.

Featuring this on a “community” page or in your blog shows visitors that your values extend to those less fortunate. It’s an inspiring, feel-good way to lead with your purpose and distinguish your practice.

Captivate Potential Patients With Your ‘Why’

Focusing your dental website on your motivations and values requires thoughtful effort but it pays dividends. Following Sinek’s teachings clarifies how to authentically communicate your purpose online. By prominently featuring your “why,” you’ll attract your ideal patients and grow a loyal following over time.

Ready to get started on creating website content that aligns with your philosophy? Call (858) 333-8950 today to schedule your consultation with Now Media Group’s team of digital marketers.

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